DIY Tutorial: Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholders

Ed Note: Hi Everyone! As you may remember, I put out a call for DIY contributors a few weeks ago – and today I’m thrilled to introduce the first new DIY column! Mandy from Fabric, Paper, Glue will be sharing fantastic entertaining DIY ideas with us every month. Today she’s starting with an idea perfect for the upcoming holiday season: pinecone wreath place cards! –Nole

Few things feel more special than showing up to a dinner party and finding a spot at the table personalized just for you. Unfortunately, the big holiday meals can become so hectic and routine that the noteworthy touches we might normally break out for a special dinner party are long forgotten. I say let’s make an effort this year to bring some specialness back to our holiday meals, and today, I’ve come up with the perfect project to start: a simple DIY placeholder using mini pinecones. –Mandy of Fabric Paper Glue

DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder 3

DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder - Materials


Thick Jewelry Wire

Mini Pinecones

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue



DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder - Step 1DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder - Step 2

Step One: Using scissors or wire snips, clip off a piece of wire approximately 10″ long, and wrap the ends together to create a circle. To create the perfect circle, I wrapped my wire around a can.

Step Two: Depending on the size of your pinecones, affix seven to 10 pinecones to the wire wreath form using a healthy dollop of hot glue on the back of each pinecone.

DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder - Step 3DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder - Step 4

Step Three: Use an elegant font to print out each of your guests’ names onto cardstock. I used a 26-point font. Cut into thin strips, and clip the ends into a V-shape.

Step Four: Affix each guest name banner to a finished wreath using two small beads of hot glue.

DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder 1DIY Mini Pinecone Wreath Placeholder 2

Photo Credits: Mandy Pellegrin for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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