Seasonal Stationery: 2013 Calendars, Part 3

Usually by this time of year I already have my favorite calendar picked out, but this year it seems like a fantastic new calendar is released every week if not every day! I’m still updating the 2013 calendar round up page with all the new releases, and today I thought I’d share a few of the recent additions!  I’m particularly smitten with the cyanotype calendar from Campbell Raw Press below – each individual print (in an edition of 60 calendars) is one of a kind!

2013 Calendar Round Up via Oh So Beautiful Paper (2)

1. Campbell Raw Press – an amazing limited edition of 60 one of a kind cyanotype calendar prints!; 2. Pawling; 3. Darling Clementine; 4. The Indigo Bunting; 5. Dreamcats by fieldguided

2013 Calendar Round Up via Oh So Beautiful Paper (1)

6. Avril Loreti; 7. Hello Tenfold zodiac tea towel calendar; 8. Sesame Letterpress; 9. The Made Shop (also available in blue + red); 10. Laura Macchia; 11. Stendig large scale wall calendar

Check out the full 2013 calendar round up right here!

{images via their respective sources}

  1. Hi LeeAnne! Whoops, I accidentally misnumbered the links! Check the corrected links now and you should be able to find the correct link for calendar no. 6 (from Avril Loreti). Thanks for letting me know!


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