Kim + John’s Letterpress Airmail Wedding Invitations

I love travel-inspired elements on wedding invitations, and I’m officially a happy camper when designers combine a sense of global wanderlust with the signature red and blue pattern of an airmail envelope.  Well, Kathleen from & Kathleen Design did just that with her latest wedding invitation, and the result couldn’t be more stunning!


From Kathleen: Kim & John stumbled across my work while searching for a fun airmail invitation design.  They immediately hired me to design their own custom wedding invitations.  Kim and John only needed an invitation card – nothing else – so we decided to make it extra special by having it letterpress printed on a thick matte cover stock paper.


I kept the colors a classic red and blue and from there designed a custom invitation within the traditional striped airmail border.  Kim & John were ecstatic to receive the final prints and I was thrilled to have another happy client.


Ooh, letterpress + airmail?  Yes please!  Thank you so much Kathleen!

{image credits: & kathleen design}

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