Friday Faves

I Am A Voter / Sophie and Lilli

Illustration by Sophie and Lilli

Happy Friday everyone – let’s talk about voting. Are you registered to vote? Need to confirm that your registration is still valid? Click here and take care of it RIGHT NOW. It’s super easy. You can even request an absentee ballot if you won’t be able to make it to a polling location on Election Day! The voter registration deadlines have already passed for many states, but if you had been registered to vote and discover that you got kicked off your state’s voter roll, you still have options. Just go to your local polling location on Election Day and request to vote by provisional ballot. With voter suppression efforts across the country and especially in Georgia and North Dakota, it’s super, super, super important that every American over the age of 18 votes in the upcoming elections. It’s our most fundamental civic responsibility and it’s never been more important to make your voice heard.

Oh, and by the way, the whole idea of voter registration is voter suppression. Let’s get rid of it and automatically register everyone to vote.

Here are a few easy ways to help support local campaigns in these last few weeks before the mid-term elections.

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DC friends! My husband is teaching a fall cocktail class at Red Barn Mercantile! You can sample three delicious fall cocktails and learn how to make them for yourself back at home. Come join us!

It’s finally sweater season! I’ve got my eye on this cozy popcorn stitch sweater, this adorable Madewell sweaterthis polka dot sweater, and this classic crewneck from Everlane.

Loving this new wood mirror at Target!

My heart goes out to everyone affected by Hurricane Michael in my home state of Florida today – especially the folks living in the Florida panhandle. For those of you looking to help out, the New York Times wrote an article with ways to support recovery efforts. Please help support recovery efforts if you are able to do so. Every little bit helps!