Best of 2017: Cocktails

Ooooh, this was a tough one you guys! We develop all of our cocktail recipes in house, so it’s tough to pick favorites! We actually started posting cocktail recipes way back in 2011 after my husband returned home from a 6-month deployment in Iraq. We spent a couple of weeks making up for lost time by visiting the best bars and restaurants in DC, and we had a transformative experience at the Columbia Room during one evening. We loved the drinks, but also the incredible history behind them. My husband started reading everything he could about cocktails, experimenting with recipes at home, and eventually became our personal in-house bartender. He comes up with all of the recipes for our cocktail posts (and lots more over on Instagram), then I take the photos for the recipe blog post. They’re all my favorite! But I had to narrow it down to just a few, so here are a few cocktails that you should definitely try soon, including a couple cold weather cocktails to help keep you warm this winter!

Peach-Basil Whiskey Cobbler Cocktail Recipe

Peach Basil Whiskey Cobbler // The perfect summer drink! Light and refreshing, with two of my favorite summer ingredients.

Hazelnut Bourbon Hot Chocolate Recipe

Hazelnut Bourbon Hot Chocolate // It’s colder than cold out there, so this is how I’ll be staying warm all winter

Mint and Lime Riesling Sangria Recipe

Mint and Lime Riesling Sangria // Effervescent and absolutely delicious – and makes an excellent brunch cocktail!

Blackberry Aperol Spritz

Blackberry Aperol Spritz // So easy, and so, so, so very good

The Stone Fence Cocktail Recipe

The Stone Fence // Rye whiskey paired with both apple cider and hard cider

Mezcal Old Fashioned Cocktail Recipe

Tequila and Mezcal Old Fashioned // A fun spin on THE classic cocktail!

Scotch Whiskey Coffee Cocktail Recipe

Scotch Whiskey Coffee // Perfect for these cold winter nights!

If you need more cocktail recipe ideas and inspiration – for any time of year – check out our cocktail recipe archives from the last six years right here!