DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

Last year, I made these really fun swirly galaxy-inspired iridescent pumpkins. This year, I wanted to do another spin on a celestial-inspired pumpkin using my new favorite material: hologram vinyl! So today I’m teaming up with one of my favorite crafting partners, Fiskars, to make these beautiful DIY moon and stars pumpkins. This DIY couldn’t be easier – all you need are some scissors, a few craft punches, and vinyl! Oh, and pumpkins of course. And since the vinyl essentially functions like a sticker, it’s also a super fun activity for kids. Are you ready? Let’s go!

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

I always like to incorporate hand drawn shapes into my projects, so these pumpkins feature a quirky crescent moon and cute little stars that I cut by hand using my favorite Orange-handled Scissors – which just celebrated their 50th anniversary! (Did you catch the Matisse-inspired garland that I made to celebrate??) For those of you with little helpers at home that are anxious to help out, they can cut a few hand drawn stars using Fiskars Kids Scissors! I made the rest of the stars using the Fiskars Star Thick Materials Shape Punches and mixed them with the hand cut shapes. I love the idea of having one big pumpkin with the crescent moon surrounded by lots of little pumpkins with tiny hologram foil stars!

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

I’m always drawn to black and white pumpkins for Halloween, but for these moon and star pumpkins I added dark navy blue and charcoal gray to the mix. I’m all about those non-traditional holiday color palettes! You can use faux pumpkins and/or real pumpkins for this tutorial (I used both), but the hologram foil is particularly striking against dark colors, so I’d recommend painting any real pumpkins with navy blue or black matte craft paint before applying the hologram foil stars.

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins


Fiskars Original Orange-handled Scissors

Fiskars Kids Scissors (for those of you with little helpers!)

Fiskars Star Thick Materials Shape Punch in small, medium, and large

Hologram vinyl, hologram glitter self-adhesive sheets, and matte white vinyl


Real or faux pumpkins

Matte craft paint and paintbrush

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

To make the DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins:

Step 1. Paint your pumpkins using a matte craft paint in a dark color (like navy blue, charcoal gray, or black) and allow them to dry completely. If you like, you can also use faux black pumpkins and skip this step!

Step 2. Use a pencil to lightly sketch the shape of a crescent moon on the back of the white vinyl. The size of the crescent moon will vary depending on the size of your pumpkin, but my crescent moon was just over 5″ tall on an 8″ tall faux pumpkin. Use the Orange-handled Scissors to cut the crescent moon shape from the white vinyl.

Step 3. Use the Star Thick Materials Shape Punches to make lots of stars in varying sizes from the hologram vinyl and hologram glitter self-adhesive sheets. You can also punch some stars out of the matte white vinyl and add those to the mix!

A couple quick tips for punching the star shapes from the vinyl: I found it easiest to cut 3″ strips of vinyl from the roll using my Orange-handled Scissors, then punch the star shapes from those strips. When operating the punch, I had the best luck when the vinyl was facing up and I moved the blades really quickly. If you try to punch the vinyl too slowly, the vinyl can get stuck in the blades and create rough edges. Punching quickly creates nice clean edge lines!

Step 4. Use a pencil to draw some stars on the back of the hologram vinyl and glitter sheets, then cut those by hand using the Orange-handled Scissors. If you have little helpers, they can also cut out a few hand drawn stars using Fiskars Kids Scissors!

Step 5. Peel the protective backing off the white crescent moon and apply the vinyl shape to your largest pumpkin. Then peel the protective backing off the star shapes and apply them to your pumpkins one by one. Try to cluster a bunch of the smallest stars together and incorporate the larger stars in random patterns, just like you’d see in the night sky. For the smallest pumpkins, use only the smallest star shape and place them in a staggered line around the pumpkin. Continue placing stars (and punching new stars as needed) until you’ve covered all of your pumpkins!

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

DIY Moon and Stars Pumpkins

Aaaaaah! These are so cute I can barely stand it! And so pretty when mixed with a few undecorated white (or even orange!) pumpkins. Add in some colorful fall flowers and you’re pretty much guaranteed to have the prettiest front porch on the block. Happy Halloween crafting!

p.s. Printable Halloween favor bags and a fun DIY eyeball Halloween door cover!

This post was created in partnership with Fiskars. All content and opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the sponsors that make Oh So Beautiful Paper possible!

Photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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