Stationery A-Z: New Home Congratulations Cards

Summer is a time of shifting temperatures, big life events, transitioning wardrobes, and often new and exciting locations. A change of scenery can be a welcome, albeit scary transition. A houseplant is a welcome gesture to congratulate friends and family, but go one step further and celebrate that new lease (or mortgage!) with a congratulatory note of genuine enthusiasm. Pair a monstera with a bright red front door or a fiddle leaf fig with a whimsical castle illustration. A succulent with an illustrated rug in a mid-century palate? We’ve got you covered. Check out our roundup below and let us know your favorites! – Shauna

New Home Congratulations CardsFrom top right:

1. This elegant Sugar Paper card would go perfectly with your sisters new downtown loft. Side note: did you see that Sugar Paper is opening a new brick and mortar location in Newport Beach this summer?

2. A good friend once told me she dreamed of living in a house with a red door. If only I’d found this Jade Fisher design sooner!

3. Truth from Farewell Paperie. Except it was my husband, an air conditioning unit and July in New York.

4. Do you like rhymes and Neutra Bold? Check our this message forward card from Rhubarb Paper Company.

5. Big mushroom, small house as painted by Shannon Kristen

6. Why yes, my new home does bear a striking resemblance to Cinderella’s castle. Illustrated by Lesley Barnes for Red Cap Cards.

7. Leave it to those clever cats at Mr. Boddington’s Studio to turn a favorite childhood pastime into a novelty greeting.

8. The thought of packing up all my earthly possessions literally makes me nauseous. Commemorate the end of cardboard boxes with this 2 color letterpress design from Smudge Ink (confetti included!).  

9. Loving this retro, yet modern, color palate from Wild Hart Paper (and wishing I actually owned this rug).

10. Another gem from Nicholas John Frith for Wrap Magazine.

11. Ah! More cardboard boxes! At least they are painted beautifully by Idlewild Co.