Stationery A-Z: Graduation Cards

Temperatures are warming, allergies are flaring and finals are fast approaching….which means only one thing: graduation (and summer!) will soon be upon us. And with graduation comes new beginnings and new challenges. It’s exciting! It’s terrifying! It’s both! Graduation marks a major change in any young person’s life (or a person of any age for that matter) and that more than deserves a well-designed celebratory greeting card. Whether you are commemorating a graduation from college, grad school, med school, high school, law school, or even kindergarten, there’s bound to be the perfect sentiment in our round-up below. Check it out!

Graduation Card Round Up

From top right:

1. Not sure what I love best about this kate spade new york design: the clever copywriting or the gold tipped hot pink lined envelope.

2. What’s more festive than a giant foam hand at a sporting event? One cheering you on for your greatest accomplishment! From Egg Press.

3. More clever copywriting (and menu selection) from Lark + Raven (although I say go for the lobster. And champagne).

4. Everyone loves answering invasive questions, right!? Let this Emily McDowell design get that elephant in the room out of the way so you can focus on what really matters (killer graduation parties await!).

5. Gold foil and letterpress printing combined with artistic details make for a thoughtful and elegant greeting from Hello!Lucky.

6. This sweetly painted, yet super yolked bird offers up a humorous message of congratulations. From E. Frances Paper.

7. White foil on kraft paper, along with a modern cursive sentiment, is a surefire winner from Sugar Paper.

8. Got a smart cookie in your life? What about a recent culinary school grad? Share this pastry-forward design from Quill & Fox.

9. This Missive design pairs especially well with a round of Negronis.

10. Sweet, simple and shiny courtesy of New York-based Hart Paper Co. Slip a Benjamin in there and you’re pretty much guaranteed shares in their future start up.