Stationery A-Z: Clever and Funny Birthday Cards

There’s one thing we all have in common: we get older. And as we get older, the better we are at taking a joke… isn’t poking fun just another sign of affection after all? Some of the most clever copywriters out there are masquerading as stationery designers and we’ve taken the liberty of rounding up a selection of the funniest birthday cards on the market. Silly, witty, campy or cheeky, there’s bound to be something at the perfect level of sass to dish out (just don’t be surprised when it comes back to you!). Take a peek below!

Clever and Funny Birthday Cards

From top right:

1. No judgment here: follow that nap with some warm milk and 10 pm bedtime courtesy of Sapling Press.

2. Emily McDowell knows all about curating an internet-perfect existence (as is, mocking those who create them).

3. I have it on inside authority that this card design was based entirely on the male clientele of a specific San Francisco coffee shop. Pretty sure that’s what the phrase “drawing from life” refers to. Via Hello!Lucky.

4. Ha! McBittersons produces some of the most clever copywriting out there and this message forward greeting is no exception.

5. This Farewell Paperie design makes me think of that amazing SNL digital short with Pee Wee Herman. And also shots.

6. Another LOL moment from those genius cartoonists at The New Yorker (for Paperless Post). This play on the Shel Silverstein classic is from illustrator Jason Katzenstein.

7. A variation on an aforementioned theme from Friendly Fire Paper.

8. This rainbow colored design from Sycamore Street Press is appropriate for pretty much any age (except 29, obvi).

9. It’s funny because it’s true. From Old Tom Foolery.

10. Another gem from Old Tom Foolery – biting, yet accurate during this time of reflection.

11. An oldie but a greatie from Greenwich Letterpress. Even better: this card is aptly named ‘One Track Mind’.