Stationery A-Z: Sorry and Apologies

Let’s be real for a second: sometimes we mess up. After all, we’re just humans trying to exist together. On occasion, we say the wrong thing, do something insensitive, or take out our bad mood on an innocent bystander. Don’t be a jerk – take the high road and own up to your mistake by sending the offended a note of apology. Whether you treat the sentiment with humor or sincerity is up to you. Either way, we’ve collected a number of options to put things back where they belong!

Stationery A-Z: I'm Sorry Cards


From top left:

1. If emitting sympathy is your strategy for achieving forgiveness, this Fugu Fugu Press card is for you.

2. Don’t make a game of your apology, but this Hasbro-inspired design will certainly lighten the mood if necessary. (from Smudge Ink).

3. Come clean and move on – own up to your faults with this hand-lettered design from One Canoe Two.

4. This signage inspired design from Power and Light Press contains just the right amount of groveling.

5. No gimmicks, no jokes: just a straight, sincere message direct from the heart. Hand-lettered, designed and produced by People I’ve Loved.

6. Humor that child of the 90’s with this Urkel reference (I swear, it was hilarious at the time) from Farewell Paperie.

7. If I made a Justin Bieber reference, will I have to send an apologies greeting card? If so, I’m definitely choosing this one from Sapling Press.

8. Egg Press is constantly inventing new ways to explore die cutting, and this ‘Sorry Pal’ bus design is no exception.

9. Speaking of die cuts, if this sad crab from The Social Type doesn’t immediately solicit forgiveness, I’m not sure what will.

10. Loving the use of the term “salty” to describe off-putting behavior. It would be hard for anyone to stay angry for long with this pretzel illustration from Hello!Lucky.

11. You’ve got all the bases covered with this checkbox design from In Company.