Stationery A-Z: Good Luck Cards

Good luck cards can be a sweet way to send a friend or family member an uplifting message of encouragement before a big event. Whether it’s a second interview for a new job, a meeting for a potential new home, a big date with someone exciting or an impending presentation they’ve been gearing up for months, a reminder that you are rooting for them is always appreciated. With so many fun choices out there, go forth and share that note of hopefulness!

Stationery A-Z: Good Luck Cards

From top left:

1. Send this Idlewild design to your fashionable friend who is en route to being the next Anna Wintour.

2. Really wishing this bandana design from Antiquaria was an actual textile that could be worn on days when a little extra luck is needed.

3. Live vicariously through your friend taking a year off to travel with this message-focused greeting from Ladyfingers Letterpress.

4. Lucky you who gets this ombré papercut design from Yellow Owl Workshop.

5. Big money, no whammies! Just blow on those Rifle Paper Co. dice and head straight for the craps table.

6. A horseshoe card from Zeebendry features a minimalist design and simple messaging.

7. This hand lettered design from Annie Dornan Smith is gesso printed and uses real confetti to add to its textural quality.

8. No surprise that one of our perpetual favorites, Hammerpress, created a beautifully patterned good luck greeting with a fresh color combination and geometric design.

9. Shiny and smiley! Rabbit feet, four leaf clovers, elephants, and wishbones have definitely got all elements of making someone’s lucky day. From Hello!Lucky for Paperless Post.

10. One Canoe Two wishes you the best of luck with a field full of clovers that feels likes its straight out of their Missouri farm.

11. Loving the traditional and occult symbols of luck, not to mention the silver foil, in this Banquet Workshop design.

12. A four leaf clover and hand lettered message make for a sweet sentiment from The Paper Cub.

13. Really want to hit one out of the park? Try one of these hand painted wall charms from The Great Lakes.