Cards of Love and Solidarity

Did you march on Saturday? Either here in Washington, DC or in one of the sister marches across the country or around the world? I marched here in DC, with my husband, some close friends, and all of our children. It was a beautiful thing to see so many people (probably more people than I’ve ever seen in one place) marching together for tolerance, respect, inclusion, equal rights for all, and so much more. Making their voices heard in a peaceful way. Everywhere I looked, all I could see was PEOPLE. It gave me so much hope. So many of the signs that I saw involved messages of love and kindness, so I thought I’d start the week with a quick round up of cards to help keep that message going. Cards with simple but powerful messages of love, solidarity, encouragement, and support – all things that I know I’ll be holding dear for the next four years.

Cards of Love and Solidarity

1. laLa Grace for Love is Mightier

2. Send a message of support with this card from Heartell Press

3. E. Frances Paper

4. Love and solidarity in one card from And Here We Are

5. Love is love (is love is love is love) from Heart Swell Co.

6. Love in the prettiest indigo brush letters from Sycamore Street Press

7. + 8. Sweet and simple gold hearts from Sugar Paper and Parrott Design Studio

9. Gorgeous gold foil calligraphy and indigo marbling from Antiquaria

10. Wild Ink Press

11. L-O-V-E from Idlewild Co.

12. One of my favorite cards from Our Heiday

p.s. Stationers – I think I’ll make this a regular feature throughout the year, or as long as needed. If you have cards that represent the values of love, kindness, inclusiveness, and solidarity, please feel free to send them our way! You can email them to submissions(at), and don’t forget to review our submission guidelines here for appropriate image sizes, etc.