2015 Gift Guide: For the Cocktail Enthusiast

Today’s gift guide is one of our favorites to pull together: it’s all about gift ideas for the cocktail enthusiast! Turns out that it’s pretty easy to find great gifts for folks who like to make cocktails. There are always new cocktail recipe books to read, new bar tools to use, and even new garnishes and ingredients to try out. Or, if all of that fails, just pick up some pretty glassware or a bottle of your very favorite spirit. You really can’t go wrong, but here are a few ideas to help get you started!

Gift Ideas for the Cocktail Enthusiast / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. There are some really amazing cocktail books these days, some of which we wrote about here! The Dead Rabbit Drinks Manual features cocktail recipes from one of the most critically acclaimed bars in the world: The Dead Rabbit in Lower Manhattan.

2. If you live with a cocktail enthusiast, you know they have a tendency to take over the refrigerator with all their syrups, mixers, cordials, and other concoctions. If we had the space I’d love to get Andrew a second full size fridge all of his own, but for now a Smeg mini fridge should do the trick.

3. I’m absolutely over the moon for these geometric brass drink stirrers from AHeirloom! These are particularly great for tall ice-filled drinks during the summer months.

4. Make classic drinks even more beautiful with crystal clear ice cubes from the Neat Ice Kit. Cocktails are only as strong as their weakest ingredient, and these kits help separate the impurities that make regular ice cubes cloudy!

5. Gorgeous glassware. We almost always use vintage glassware for our own cocktails, since modern glassware tends to be oversized and just not all that pretty. But vintage glassware can be hard to come by in larger quantities, Crate & Barrel and CB2 actually have some really great glassware options.

6. Step up your garnish game with these Bourbon cherries!

7 + 8. Booze is always a welcome gift for any cocktail enthusiast! We’re big fans of the Single Barrel Gin from Stonecutter Spirits, and this Spirits Advent Calendar from Heritage Distilling is a fun gift idea. And if you’re gifting a full size bottle of your favorite spirit, grab one of these marbled gift bags instead of trying to figure out how to gift wrap a bottle.

9. These solid brass coasters are elegant and streamlined – an instant classic.

10. Mixers come in handy when you want to make a great cocktail but don’t have the energy to do all the prep work. Just make sure the ingredients are super fresh and full of interesting flavor combinations. These mixers from Cocktail Crate are some of our favorites!

One more idea: cocktail classes! We mentioned this idea in our first cocktail enthusiast gift guide a couple of years ago, and it’s just as good an idea today! We’ve enjoyed taking some of Derek Brown’s cocktail classes here in DC, but check around to see what might be available in your area!

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