What to Grow in a Cocktail Garden

It’s no secret that food and drinks taste better with fresh ingredients – and that goes for cocktails as much as it does for anything else. Growing your very own cocktail garden is the perfect way to make sure you have your favorite ingredients on hand at all times. And you don’t need a huge amount of space to grow a cocktail garden. A kitchen window is all you need to grow a few favorite herbs, while berries and citrus can be grown in pots on a patio or balcony. Here’s what to grow in a cocktail garden!

What to Grow in a Cocktail Garden / Oh So Beautiful Paper for eBay

1. Mint
If you only have room for one or two herbs – perhaps even just on a kitchen shelf or window – go for mint. It’s a classic ingredient in everything from Mojitos to Juleps and makes a wonderful garnish even if not directly called for in a particular recipe. Mint thrives under most conditions and spreads easily, making it the perfect candidate for a kitchen window garden or outdoor container garden.

2. Basil
Basil is an underrated ingredient in cocktails – and one of my personal favorites. Sweet Basil is the most well-known variety, but there are several other varieties that do amazing things in cocktails including Opal Basil, Sweet Thai Basil, and Lemon Basil. Basil grows quickly and can easily be grown indoors – and it’s well worth the effort.

3. Rosemary
While mint and basil are staples of summer cocktail recipes, I love mixing sprigs of rosemary into fall and winter drinks. Rosemary pairs wonderfully with whiskey and bourbon – two spirits that I associate with cooler weather.

4. Sage
Sage has such a wonderful and subtle flavor profile – and it’s so versatile! Pair with fresh fruit for light summer cocktails or savory spirits like whiskey and bourbon for the fall and winter.

5. Citrus
If you have the ability to grow any type of citrus where you are – DO IT. Lemons, limes, and oranges are all cocktail staples. And if you aren’t able to grow citrus outside you could always try a potted tree inside!

6. Berries
When the weather gets warm I want nothing more than to pack my cocktails full of fresh seasonal fruit and berries. Blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries are fantastic in everything from muddled drinks to summer sangria!

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