DIY Tutorial: Post-it Brand World of Color Collections Cocktail Party Menu

Last week I shared a fun idea that I put together using the new Post-it Brand World of Color collections â€“ a cocktail party menu! I love the pop of color this menu brings to any party, and it’s so easy to create using Post-it® Notes from the new World of Color collections. I’m back to share the full instructions for this project so you can create your own for your next gathering!



Post-it Brand A World of Color Notes 3″ x 3″ (I used the Bora Bora collection)

Black Pen

Black markers of varying thicknesses

Step 1: Assign each cocktail a note color from the chosen collection. The Bora Bora collection comes in five colors of tropical blues and greens, so we used five cocktail recipes: The Caipirinha, The Mai Pen Rai, Spice Islands Punch, The Mojito, and The Daiquiri.


Step 2: Write out the recipe of each cocktail on the corresponding Post-it® Note, starting with the ingredients and followed by the instructions. A fine ball point or roller ball pen will work best for smaller text. If needed, draw very light pencil lines on each Post-it® Note with a ruler to help guide and center your text – then erase the pencil lines once your ink is fully dry. You’ll want to create at least one Post-it® Note of each cocktail for every guest at the party. If you’re worried that your guests won’t be able to read your handwriting, try writing in all caps – that’s my go-to method when I need to be sure that someone can read my writing. Don’t forget the title of the drink so your friends know how to recreate it at home later!


Step 3: I used this DIY tutorial to create the acrylic menu sign in a vibrant teal – it’s so easy and one of my favorite tutorials that we’ve ever done on Oh So Beautiful Paper.


Step 4: Begin laying out your cocktail Post-it® Notes! I found it easiest to place the top row of notes first using a ruler. I lined the first Post-it® Note up with the left edge of my menu sign, then placed each note roughly 1 1/4″ apart for nice neat rows.


Step 5: Continue each row of cocktail Post-it® Notes down the wall. The amount of space between each note will be determined by the number of guests at your party, so you can space them out or layer them according to your needs. Don’t worry about being totally perfect with the alignment or spacing on the way down, it’s meant to look fun and playful – not fussy.




Optional: If you’re going for the layered look with lots of Post-it® Notes for a larger gathering, start from the bottom and work your way to the top, staggering the notes as you go. I placed my Post-it® Notes in columns of roughly two notes per color, with plenty of overlap along the way. The Post-it Brand A World of Color collections includes an array of bright and beautiful tones, so you can easily use more colors for larger gatherings!



Step 6: Create the “please take one” notes. Write one word per Post-it® Note in large script or capital letters using black markers. I used a bright yellow 3″ x 3″ Post-it® Note from the New York City collection. For a whimsical hand lettered look, use markers with different thicknesses for different portions of the lettering. I used a thin marker to write out each word, then went over some sections with a thicker marker for contrast. You can also try mixing script letters, lowercase letters, and capital letters! Place the Post-it® Notes on the wall, with the right edge of your top note aligned with the right edge of the cocktail menu sign.



Step 7: Style your bar and enjoy the party!



How will you use the Post-it Brand World of Color collections?

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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