Inspired By: Cats

If you’ve met me in person – or browsed through my Instagram stream – you probably know that I’m kind of a crazy cat lady. My husband and I adopted two cats when we first started living together, and over the years we’ve rescued a few more, bringing our current total to five – not to mention the foster cats that went on to permanent homes and the friendly semi-feral alley cats that we keep an eye on in our neighborhood. So for any fellow cat people out there, here’s a quick little round up of some favorite feline-themed goodies!

Trendspotting: Cat Lady Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. This print by Leah Goren also comes in a dress and t-shirt!

2. Ladyfingers Letterpress knows the true measure of love

3. YES. The perfect tote bag by Emily McDowell

4. Catbird has a whole section dedicated to cat-inspired jewelry!

5. Such a great birthday card from Hello!Lucky

6. This card from Greenwich Letterpress would be perfect for my husband

7. I love this newsprint gift wrap collaboration between Leah Goren and Knot + Bow (also available in the black cat pattern)!

8. Gold foil cats (also available in silver and copper!) from Hartland Brooklyn

9. Yay for fellow cat ladies from The Good Twin Co.

10. I think I need this ceramic ring dish by Up in the Air Somewhere exclusively for Catbird