Scrapbooking with Craftsy – and a giveaway!


Today we’re continuing our series with Craftsy, an online craft class platform. They gave me the opportunity to take a few of their online classes and learn some new skills – and this time we’re taking Scrapbooking with Style: Clean and Simple Layouts with Kelly Purkey. And we’re giving away one free entry to this class!


I’ve been wanting to make a scrapbook for Sophie ever since her first birthday. These early years are just flying by, and I know I’ll forget many of the details if I don’t put it down on paper – especially with a brand new baby now at home! I have absolutely zero previous scrapbooking experience, so I was really excited to learn all about it with Craftsy’s Scrapbooking with Style: Clean and Simple Layouts with Kelly Purkey. With my new skills in hand and armed with prints of my Instagram photos of Sophie, I created a special scrapbook for Sophie’s first year on the planet:



My favorite part of Craftsy classes is that you don’t have to watch the entire class in one sitting – you can watch over the course of an entire day or even an entire week if you’re like me and have a tiny baby that demands lots of attention at frequent intervals. And you can even watch on your phone or tablet using the Craftsy app if you only have one hand free! The Scrapbooking class is organized into seven lessons covering everything from creating backgrounds and matting photos to layout tutorials, and each lesson is divided into subsections for easy reference later on. Here are a few of the skills that you can expect to learn:

  • Using the Rule of Thirds to design your layout
  • Creating a visual triangle
  • Misting with stencils or letters
  • Fussy cutting to add embellishments
  • Using the cluster technique
  • Designing around a visual anchor


Kelly also provides a PDF outlining the different layouts from the class, which I found absolutely essential when I went back to create my own photo layouts. I also loved that the layouts are flexible enough to allow for a wide variety of materials and design aesthetics. I wanted Sophie’s scrapbook to be modern and whimsical – with tons of color and pattern. Now that I have one scrapbook under my belt I can’t wait to make more for both of my girls!


Click here to enter the giveaway for Scrapbooking with Style: Clean and Simple Layouts with Kelly Purkey! You’ll just need to register with Craftsy with your email or Facebook login – or just enter your email address and password if you’re already a Craftsy member. The giveaway will be open for one week and then Craftsy will pick a winner!

Photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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