Susan + Beth’s Laser Cut Wood Veneer Wedding Invitations

I’m a big fan of laser cut details in a wedding invitation suite – and these modern invitations from Emily and Dianna of Fourth Year Studio are no exception. Emily and Dianna paired paper and laser cut text with thin walnut wood veneer, which in turn could be rolled into a scroll! Such a cool idea!


From Emily and Dianna: Beth and Susan came to us in search of a modern wedding invitation set to compliment their unique relationship. They have been together for many years and are now able to get married. It was a true celebration of their love and we were thrilled for the opportunity to help spread the word with their friends and family.


A laser cut scroll style invitation was backed with a walnut veneer. Along the top we stitched a line with green thread to provide a spot for a dowel to pass through so it could be flattened and hung. The scroll was rolled and tied with a tag before it was all packaged inside kraft box with a matching label.





The RSVP card was letterpress printed in green with a simple linked rings design. We laser cut walnut veneer for lining the RSVP envelope. A wooden laser etched coaster invited guests to both the rehearsal dinner and the morning after brunch.


Thanks Emily and Dianna!

Design + Letterpress Printing: Fourth Year Studio

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Photos Credits: Julie Roberts