Abby + Natalie’s Sweet Sixteen Balloon Party Invitations

Sweet Sixteen party invitations! Designer Cristina Pandol was commissioned by two very design-savvy teenagers to create invitations for their upcoming Sweet Sixteen party. Cristina wanted to match the girls’ enthusiasm by screen printing the main invitation on colorful balloons, each of which was then mounted on letterpress printed cardstock and enclosed in a box with custom confetti. So fun!


From CristinaI have no idea how, but I was tracked down by two soon-to-be-16 year-old girls about designing an epic invitation for their Sweet Sixteen party. I’d never had a Sweet Sixteen, so I decided to live vicariously through Natalie and Abby. The first thing I noticed about them was how excited and enthusiastic about everything. Their emails had sooooo many exclamation points that I felt pressured to match that enthusiasm in the invitation.


I found an online vendor to screen print my design on the balloons and I letterpress printed the remaining pieces myself at Lala Press in Silverlake. Natalie and Abby really wanted to be involved in the invitation process, so the three of us got together to assemble and build the invitation.



We mounted pink card stock to the back of each invitation to add some more color, tied the balloons to the invitation, and then cut our own confetti to put them inside of the boxes. The entire processes felt like a DIY craft party and it was so fun to reconnect with my teenage self.


Thanks Cristina!

Photo Credits: Garrett Shannon