Cinderella-Inspired Theatre Gala Invitations

It’s not too often that I have the opportunity to share invitations for a theatre gala! Meenal and the team at Minneapolis-based agency KNOCK created the invitations for two parties held by the Children’s Theatre Company: a formal ball and a more relaxed “afterparty” a bit later in the evening. Both invitations were inspired by the theatre’s production of Cinderella. So fun!


From MeenalThe nationally renowned Children’s Theatre Company in Minneapolis, Minnesota holds an annual fundraising gala with two phases: The formal Curtain Call Ball, and the unplugged Backstage Bash a little later in the evening. The challenge with designing for these events: developing distinct yet complementary themes, and designing event invitations that convince a very hard-to-impress audience to join the fun.



Both events were planned around the theatre’s production of Cinderella, so two themes needed to come to life. For the formal Curtain Call Ball, a Head Over Glass Heels theme incorporated ornate pouf hairstyles from 18th-century royalty; a modern twist came from unexpected surprises poking out of the exaggerated profiles.



The grittier, wilder nature of the Backstage Bash came through in artwork for a Happily Every Afterparty invitation, tucking a glass of bubbly where a glass slipper heel would go. Typography and cute little mouse ensured consistency between the two invitations, while pumped-up color distinguished the bolder, younger Bash from the formal Ball.


Digital printing was the best solution for the budget and quantity, so we used an uncoated, textured stock (Mohawk Via Felt, Pure White, 110#C) to elevate the look and create a customized sensibility. The paper was reminiscent of watercolor paper to give a tactile quality, plus it ensured the ink looked like it was sinking into the paper (as opposed to the shiny effect that digital printing can sometimes create).



Thanks Meenal!

Photo Credits: KNOCK