Beck’s Chartreuse Letterpress Birth Announcements

Designer Kaydi from Maison Yellow and her husband welcomed their first child last October: an adorable baby boy named Becher! Kaydi wanted Beck’s birth announcements to be bold and fun, so she chose a bright chartreuse and steel blue color palette and a cute illustrated envelope liner. Letterpress printing from Czar Press and a sweet baby photo were the perfect finishing touches!


From Kaydi: In October of last year my husband and I were blessed with our first child. No one can ever accurately explain to you just how crazy those first few weeks and months are. To add to the chaos, my husband is in the Air Force and had to leave for an assignment when our son was just 4 weeks old. Needless to say all my big plans of sending out fantastic custom birth announcements the month after he was born went out the window. As a designer myself, the last thing I wanted to skip out on was my own child’s birth announcement. So, even though they are a few months late, I finally decided on a design direction and ran with it.


When deciding on a name for our son we both wanted something strong and bold but still a bit fun and different. I used those keywords as inspiration for the birth announcements: strong, bold, fun, and different. I feel those concepts came to life through the color palette, illustrations, envelope liner pattern, and layered component of the additional envelope with picture card. Being a multi-piece announcement suite, it also allowed for opportunities to use letterpress and flat printing, creating a depth of texture as well as opportunities to expand upon the main design concepts but in different formats.


Since our son’s first name is a little different and special in that it means first born son in Hebrew, I wanted this to be the main focus of the letterpress card and come across strong and bold without a real “babyish” feel. The separate photo card tucked in an envelope labeled “our little love” sealed with washi tape was also a great way to introduce a nickname leaving the letterpress card with the complete formal name.



The envelope liner, featuring onesies with ties labeled “Becher,” bottles, footprints, and rattles, was a must for me and added the extra playful patterning in the same chartreuse and steel blue palette as the rest of the suite. All in all, this birth announcement design turned out to be a perfect representation of our little guy and his wonderful personality… and not to mention a great excuse for more letterpress in my life!


Thanks Kaydi – and congrats!

Design: Maison Yellow

Letterpress and Photo Card printing: Czar Press

Baby Photo: Joseph Mark Photography

Photo Credits: Maison Yellow