Pretty Paper in the Office: Clips & Markers

I’m typically a big fan of using sticky notes to flag my important pages, but there are times when a thin little piece of paper won’t do the job. They get curled and folded, torn and tucked in; not very practical and definitely not professional. This is where index clips and page markers swoop in to save the day. Whether your style be cute or classic, I’ve put together a round up of clips and markers that will point you in the right direction. – Julie
Pretty Paper in the Office - Clips & Markers


No. 1 To Do/To Don’t clips by Knock Knock; No. 2 Letterpress number clips from Present&Correct; No. 3 Midori brass number clips from Present&Correct; No. 4 Metal tab clips from Present&Correct; No. 5 Midori brass index clips from Present&Correct; No. 6 Book dart markers from Canoe

{images via their respective sources}