Seasonal Stationery: Mother’s Day, Part 2

I know we’re all a little stunned from yesterday’s events in Boston and holding our loved ones a little tighter right now. I’m not really sure what else to say, so instead I thought I’d share a few more cards from the Mother’s Day card round up. I’m keeping Boston in my thoughts and sending hugs to anyone with friends or family affected by the tragedy.

The Best Mother's Day Cards, Part 3 via Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Dear Hancock; 2. Rifle Paper Co.; 3. Hello! Lucky; 4. afavorite design; 5. Bubby and Bean Art; 6. Sugar Paper

The Best Mother's Day Cards, Part 4 via Oh So Beautiful Paper

7. Sugar Paper, 8. Happy Penguin Press; 9. Night Owl Paper Goods; 10. In Haus Press; 11. Printerette Press; 12. House That Lars Built; 13. Smudge Ink

{images via their respective sources}