Behind the Scenes: Lisa Congdon

Getting a peek into the process of a creative person is pretty magical. All those messes and piles are the perfect map to follow along in their journey. My favorite artists and designers are ones who share the behind the scenes almost as much as the finished works. This week I’m digging through my favorite artists’ Instagram feeds and sharing what I find… — Shauna of Forage Haberdashery

behind the scenes lisa congdon

behind the scenes lisa congdon

The beautiful painted mess above belongs to Lisa Congdon, an artist who inspires me for a million reasons  (a killer studio full of life is only one of them). Lisa has shared her creative journey through photographs and blogging for years and this allows her fans to have a truly special connection to her work.

A few of my favorite things made by Lisa Congdon:

geraldine (font)
a collection a day (book)
here & now (print)

Photo Credits: Lisa Congdon {via Instagram @lisacongdon}