Kendra + Robb’s Rustic Woodgrain Wedding Invitations

These gorgeous and woodsy wedding invitations come to us from Sally at La Happy, designed for an outdoor wedding in Washington state this past summer.  Sally kept the actual invitation simple and relaxed, bringing in hand stamped website cards and beautiful vintage stamps (not to mention stunning calligraphy) to pull the entire invitation suite together.

From Sally: I created this invitation for an outdoor rustic wedding in Winthrop, Washington, which is in the backwoods of Washington State.  The inspiration was the groom’s love of all things outdoors: camping, hiking, etc.  The bride and groom wanted a rustic wedding with a non-fussy, vintage feel, so we tried to incorporate that into the paper design.

The colors of the wedding were really earthy.  Mustard yellow was a key color, then we brought in the stone gray as a neutral color to complement the yellow.  I created the “deer logo” for the wedding and then made a custom stamp out of it and stamped all of the paper pieces.  The invitation was printed on faux bios (a faux wood grain) paper, to relay the feel of the woods and the outdoors.


I created custom stamps to look like an industrial time stamp to use for the date and time of the wedding.  The bride and groom wanted to make sure the invitations did not feel fussy, so we made sure everything had a more industrial, vintage feel.  The RSVP card is a postcard with vintage stamps.  We worked with the lovely (and SO helpful) Virginia Sauder of Verde Studios to find the perfect vintage postage to fit the set.

Thanks Sally!

Invitation design + calligraphy: La Happy

Vintage Stamps: Verde Studio

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Photo Credits: La Happy