Modern Open House Invitations by Studio Carta + Albertine Press

If only all office party invitations were this pretty!  Angela from Studio Carta created these beautiful letterpress invitations for a corporate cocktail reception – with only a week of turnaround time!  Angela partnered up with Shelley from Albertine Press for the letterpress printing, creating an elegant and modern design that suited the client without being overly formal.

From Angela: I was commissioned to design an Open House invitation for a new Dental Center, with only one week of time to complete the project!  When you factor in all the elements of letterpress printing, beyond the design, including ordering the polymer plates, shipping them to the printer, time for the actual printing, and then finally shipping everything back to my studio for the delivery – I was left with only one day to design receive final approval from my client!

The client was looking for elegant, modern invitations, and a dark gray color to match their logo.  I chose 100% cotton Lettra paper and square envelopes for its elegant and soft texture.  The 2-ply paper add a lovely tactile quality to the overall design, and the deep letterpress impression was very visible.  For the typography, I chose a contemporary sans-serif typeface designed by Dutch Lucas de Groot, paired with a calligraphic font that I used for the owners’ names to make the design a bit less formal.

Thanks Angela!

Design: Studio Carta

Letterpress Printing: Albertine Press

Photo Credits: Angela Liguori | Studio Carta