70th Birthday Party Invitations

We talk a lot about wedding invitations here, but I'm a huge fan of celebrating any major occasion — from milestone birthdays to anniversaries — with its own shindig and corresponding custom invitation.  So when Minna from Minna Designs sent over these invitations for a surprise 70th birthday party, I just couldn't stop smiling.  Not only is this Texas-inspired invitation design a ton of fun, but it appears to be perfectly suited for its guest of honor.  Scroll on down to the bottom for a bit of background on the design inspiration…



From Minna: The inspiration was using elements from the Wild Wild West. The guest of honor is very passionate about Texas history, an avid Texan art collector, a gifted speaker and adores his dog who accompanies him while pheasant hunting. One of his favorite quotes was added on the back flap of the envelope which states “You will never lead until you first learn to serve.” The family also came up with a clever poem paying homage to their father which we placed on the belly band. Vintage Texas stamps were added as a final touch!  

So cool!  I love the way everything works together, from the map enclosure to the western typography details, and of course all the personalized design elements.  Thanks Minna!

{image credits: Minna Designs}