Calligraphy Love

I was one of those girls whose handwriting changed at least once a year in middle school. By the end of high school, I think I pretty much got my handwriting sorted out, but I still have a different style for when I'm writing a grocery list, or journaling, or addressing a letter. So it's probably no surprise that I really love calligraphy. L-O-V-E it. I think elaborate scripts with zillions of flourishes are gorgeous, but I also think playful and simple and sweet styles can be just as wonderful. In no particular order, here are some of my favorites.

Laura Hooper "Ella" script.

Jenna Hein.

Tara Jones "Maggie" script.

Emilie Friday.

Left: Maybelle Calligraphy
Right: Linea-Carta

Crystal Kluge.

Betsy Dunlap "Jill" script.

Be sure to check out these ladies' websites and blogs for even more inspiration! This is just a tiny sampling of their incredible work.