NSS Bound – Pie Bird Press

Less than a week before the Stationery Show!  I've been having so much fun following all the twitter updates as stationers prepare for this year's show.  Another studio heading back to this year's show is Pie Bird Press (Booth #2049 for those of you going to the show), which sent over a few photos of some new cards making their official debut next week:

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6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed6e895e970b 500wi NSS Bound   Pie Bird Press
6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed6e8973970b 500wi NSS Bound   Pie Bird Press

I'm compiling a list of booths to visit – so if you're a stationer or designer exhibiting at this year's show, please e-mail me with your booth number!

{image credits: pie bird press}

Megan + Daniel’s Quirky Black and White Invitations

Happy Monday everyone!  I thought I’d start the week off with a fun, quirky wedding invitation suite that Kathleen recently designed for her friend Daniel’s upcoming wedding.  Kathleen kept the overall invitation relatively simple, incorporating a sweet illustration from the bride as the main design element.  Check it out:

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed6e4b85970b 500wi Megan + Daniels Quirky Black and White Invitations

From Kathleen:  Daniel has been a longtime co-worker and friend of mine so I was not only thrilled that he found an amazing girl to marry but that he asked me to design their wedding invitations.

6a00e554ee8a228833013480a1cb2d970c 500wi Megan + Daniels Quirky Black and White Invitations

Megan drew up these quirky illustrations for me to use and from there I decided to keep it simple and let the illustrations do their thing.

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed6e4d93970b 500wi Megan + Daniels Quirky Black and White Invitations

I love utilizing only one or two colors when designing custom invitations — especially black (I
only used black on
my invitations as well).

6a00e554ee8a228833013480a1cfe2970c 500wi Megan + Daniels Quirky Black and White Invitations

Using only one or two colors presents a unique challenge and produces even more unique invitations
every single time.  Printing in a single color is also budget friendly.

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed6e4ecc970b 500wi Megan + Daniels Quirky Black and White Invitations

We decided on an off-white touchy-feely matte textured stock to complement the hand-drawn silhouettes. The cream paper also takes some of the edge off a stark black and white invite.

I absolutely adore the sweet little ampersand throughout the invitation suite, and I love the way Megan’s illustration peeks out from the bottom of the RSVP card — too cute!  Thanks so much Kathleen!

{image credits: jeremy and kathleen}

{happy weekend!}

Happy Friday everyone – and a very happy Mother's Day weekend!  I'm just about counting down the remaining seconds of the day, since my husband comes back from his trip tomorrow!  I can't wait to go pick him up from the airport.  I made lots of progress and changes to our apartment during my mom's visit last weekend (I promise, I will share photos as soon as I'm finished!), but I'm leaving it all as a big surprise for my husband – and I'm so curious to see the expression on his face when he walks through the door.  I wonder if he'll notice everything right away?  Probably not.  But in the meantime…

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed6217c9970b 500wi {happy weekend!}

…a few links for your weekend:

That's it for me this week.  I hope you all have a lovely weekend, and I'll see you back here on Monday!

{image credits: simply hue via lovely clusters}

Lovely Fabric Envelopes!

I'm always on the hunt for creative (and pretty!) options for storing cards and little notes — particularly options that don't involve just putting the cards in a box but aren't quite as time consuming as a scrapbook (someday, hopefully!).  So when I saw these beautiful fabric envelopes from Tuuni, my heart did a tiny little flip:

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed600921970b 500wi Lovely Fabric Envelopes!

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed600c56970b 500wi Lovely Fabric Envelopes!

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed600963970b 500wi Lovely Fabric Envelopes!
6a00e554ee8a22883301348093a836970c 500wi Lovely Fabric Envelopes!

Aren't they pretty?  And so many colors!  Check them all out right here.

{image credits: tuuni}

Simple Matters

I'm loving the gorgeous stationery from Simple Matters - a relatively new design studio based out of Omaha, Nebraska.  The pale pink letterpress anniversary card below is particularly lovely, but I'm also completely smitten with the beautiful blind impression note cards and muslin gift bags:

6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed530146970b 500wi Simple Matters
6a00e554ee8a22883301348086994d970c 500wi Simple Matters
6a00e554ee8a228833013480869c3a970c 500wi Simple Matters
6a00e554ee8a22883301348086a187970c 500wi Simple Matters
6a00e554ee8a22883301348086a19b970c 500wi Simple Matters
6a00e554ee8a2288330133ed530cd6970b 500wi Simple Matters
6a00e554ee8a22883301348086a3e8970c 500wi Simple Matters
6a00e554ee8a22883301348086a8d3970c 500wi Simple Matters 
You can find everything above (and more) right here.  Cate, the designer behind Simple Matters, also has a line of wedding invitations – which you can check out on the Simple Matters website.  Thanks Cate!

{image credits: Simple Matters}