Aleksandra + Scott’s Antique Wood Type Poster Wedding Invitations

Today’s real invitations come to us from Jen and Starshaped Press, one of my fantastic sponsors, and were printed using antique wood and metal type and ornaments – each of which are 50-100 years old!  In order to preserve these delicate materials Jen creates a gentle impression (known as a “kiss”) on each invitation, with a result that feels timeless and elegant.  For these invitations, Jen used antique type and ornaments for a poster-style invitation that evokes old-school Chicago.  Oh, and since today is Jen’s birthday (Happy Birthday Jen!), make sure you read all the way through for a special promotion that Jen is offering to Oh So Beautiful Paper readers!

starshaped press vintage poster wedding invitations2 Aleksandra + Scotts Antique Wood Type Poster Wedding Invitations

From Jen: The bride, Aleks, really wanted an invite that felt old-school Chicago, but from more of a working class, insider’s perspective.

starshaped press vintage poster wedding invitations folded Aleksandra + Scotts Antique Wood Type Poster Wedding Invitations

They definitely wanted to use the quote from architect and urban planner Daniel Burnham on the front panel, as it felt appropriate to their marriage (make no small plans!).  The front panel was the visible element when the invitations were folded and inserted into the envelope.

starshaped press vintage poster wedding invitations Aleksandra + Scotts Antique Wood Type Poster Wedding Invitations

Since this was a Black Tie affair, we wanted to keep some formality to the invitation.  The colors were a more muted navy and gold with corresponding navy envelopes, while the antique typography kept the invitations grounded.

starshaped press vintage type poster wedding invitations 500x749 Aleksandra + Scotts Antique Wood Type Poster Wedding Invitations

What I love about these invitations is that they really showcase a great mix of wood and metal type, and make the invitation more of a poster than a traditional invitation, even though we are still able to fold and mail it at the first class rate.  This particular style (from our Wanted! collection) can be customized through different colors and formats to resemble anything from a wild west poster to a carnival broadside. And much of the type we use probably printed both of those items 100 years ago!

starshaped press vintage poster wedding invitations type 500x333 Aleksandra + Scotts Antique Wood Type Poster Wedding Invitations

You can check out additional wedding invitation styles from Starshaped Press right here, as well as on their flickr page.  And as I mentioned above, to help celebrate her birthday, Jen is offering 10% off the Starshaped Press Wanted! wedding invitation collection to OSBP readers!  Just be sure to mention the code “Beautiful Paper” when you contact Jen to receive the discount.  Thanks Jen!

{image credits: starshaped press}

Pink + Green Moving Announcements

Julie from Cartoules Letterpress sent over some moving announcements that she designed for some recent clients – and I’m loving the bright pops of pink and chartreuse!

Modern House Moving Announcements 500x666 Pink + Green Moving Announcements

Modern House Moving Announcements Pink Chartreuse 500x335 Pink + Green Moving Announcements

The color combination is totally perfect for summer – I can totally see these announcements accompanied by an invitation to a summer housewarming barbeque.  Thanks so much Julie!

{image credits: cartoules letterpress}

{today I love…}

I’m slowly working my way through my apartment, decorating room by room.  And since the living room and office are all mostly done (although I’m still on the hunt for the perfect desk for the office), I’m now starting to focus on the bedroom – and I’ve pulled a few of my favorite bedroom images (all from my tumblr page) to help figure out my next steps.

blue bedroom with bamboo blinds2 {today I love...}
{house beautiful}

The room itself is pretty tiny, just enough room for our bed and a couple of dressers.  We have three windows, so the room gets plenty of light during the day, and we installed bamboo blinds like the ones above.

rita konig bedroom with wallpaper 500x333 {today I love...}
{left: alvhem makleri via desire to inspire; right: rita konig’s bedroom from t magazine}

Since the room isn’t very big, I’m focused on trying to make the space cozy and peaceful without being dark.  The walls were already painted a light beige color when we moved in, which in the absence of any other interesting features or architectural details feels a bit flat.  I really like the idea of at least one wall with some pattern, and I love (love, love) the soft floral details in the wallpaper from Rita Konig’s bedroom above.

bedroom with wallpaper3 {today I love...}
{living etc.}

Or maybe just a bit of shimmer on one accent wall?  Perhaps on the wall behind the bed…

bedroom with wallpaper2 500x310 {today I love...}
{light locations via desire to inspire}


bedroom with toile wallpaper {today I love...}
{design sponge}

I love how the two bedrooms above still have masculine elements even with the floral and toile wallpaper.  Neither is quite what I have in mind, but I really like the darker accents incorporated into each room.

summer bedroom {today I love...}
{laura resen via decorology via mary ruffle}

Sigh… my dream summer bedroom.  Preferably somewhere close to a beach!

{all images from their respective sources}

Sugar Paper – Modern Gray + White Baby Announcements

You might remember the modern baby shower for Chelsea from Sugar Paper that I featured back in February – Chelsea welcomed her beautiful son Owen in early March, and today I’m thrilled to share Owen’s baby announcements!

gray white engraved baby announcement suite1 500x446 Sugar Paper   Modern Gray + White Baby Announcements

gray white engraved baby announcement 500x446 Sugar Paper   Modern Gray + White Baby Announcements

gray white baby announcement calligraphy 500x446 Sugar Paper   Modern Gray + White Baby Announcements

chelsea owen 500x446 Sugar Paper   Modern Gray + White Baby Announcements

In designing the announcements, Chelsea used one of Sugar Paper’s custom papers in “smoke” with white engraved text and an envelope liner with a silver foil diamond pattern.  Lisa Holtzman created the gorgeous calligraphy, also in white text to complement the engraved text of the baby announcement.   The entire suite is just stunning – simple and modern, yet totally luxurious.  Thanks so much Chelsea – and congratulations!

{image credits: sugar paper}

Bow + Arrow

Fresh off Renegade Brooklyn a couple weekends ago, Julie from Bow + Arrow sent me a note letting me know about some of her new letterpress cards that made their debut at the fair:

blue letterpress ikat cards 500x357 Bow + Arrow

pink letterpress ikat cards 500x375 Bow + Arrow

purple letterpress floral thank you cards 500x375 Bow + Arrow

I’m loving the texture of the ikat note cards and the delicate floral border of the thank you cards (you can never have too many of those).  Julie just updated her shop with all the new designs – check out all the new goodies right here!

{image credits: bow + arrow}