Enormous Champion

How fantastic are these new letterpress cards from Enormous Champion?

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LOVE the typewriter card — so cute! — but the polar bears and whale are just as much fun.  I'll be keeping a close watch for them to appear in the Enormous Champion shop soon.

{image credits: enormous champion}

Halloween Cards

You guys, Halloween is getting sooo close!  We don’t get many trick-or-treaters in downtown DC, but Halloween was always one of my favorite holidays dressing up.  Candy and costumes – what could be better?!

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a64c60bf970c 500wi Halloween Cards6a00e554ee8a2288330120a5f545f4970b 500wi Halloween Cards
{night owl paper goods}


6a00e554ee8a2288330120a5f54d75970b 500wi Halloween Cards

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a5f54f44970b 500wi Halloween Cards 6a00e554ee8a2288330120a64c6c63970c 500wi Halloween Cards
{la familia green}


6a00e554ee8a2288330120a64c7346970c 500wi Halloween Cards

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a5f5588d970b 500wi Halloween Cards
{egg press}


6a00e554ee8a2288330120a64c9fc3970c 500wi Halloween Cards

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a64ca1a9970c 500wi Halloween Cards
{dee & la la}

Do you already have your Halloween costume picked out?


{images from their respective sources}

Paper Artwork – Chelsea Cardinal

I love the hand lettering and watercolor details in these drawings from brooklyn-based illustrator and painter Chelsea Cardinal:

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a5f3cefd970b 500wi Paper Artwork   Chelsea Cardinal

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a64ae94b970c 500wi Paper Artwork   Chelsea Cardinal

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a64ae9fb970c 500wi Paper Artwork   Chelsea Cardinal

And how funny is this Gossip Girl painting?

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a64aebd9970c 500wi Paper Artwork   Chelsea Cardinal

Check out more of Chelsea's work right here.

{image credits: Chelsea Cardinal}

Happy Weekend!

This week has been Operation Apple Recipe week for me – we've got tons of apples from our orchard excursion over the weekend and have been trying to put them to good use.  So far I've made soup and stuffing, but this weekend I'm planning to make individual serving apple pies and possibly an apple crisp if I don't put myself into a sugar coma first.  I do have photos from the apple orchard to share with you next week, and may share photos of my baking adventures depending on how things turn out, but in the meantime…

6a00e554ee8a2288330120a644af3f970c 500wi Happy Weekend! 

Here are a few things I've enjoyed this week:

That's it for me this week!  I hope you all have a warm + cozy weekend, and I'll see you all back here on Monday!

{image credits: bloom, grow, love via abby sharp}