DIY Tutorial: Rubber Stamp “Banner” Wedding Invitations

It’s the ladies of Anti­quaria, back with another fab­u­lous and cre­ative DIY project for you!  This week they’re here with some awe­some DIY rubber stamp wedding invitations!

This invitation suite is simple, but it packs a graphic punch!  We wanted to design a suite that looked modern and was easy to execute.  There aren’t any fancy techniques or tools needed for this one, but when all the pieces come together, it looks very high end and custom!  There are so many color options for this invitation suite.  In addition to black and white, think about navy and gray or eggplant and kraft!

Step One: Stamp the invitation cards.  For the invitation, you will use an A7 card; for the reply, you will use a 4bar card.  When making a print, ink the stamp throughly and apply even pressure for the best results.  On the large stamps, such as the“Modern Banner” invitation and “Modern Banner” reply, cover stamp with both palms and press, focusing on the center (near the handle).  Moderate pressure is required but too much can make for a muddy print.

Step 2: Stamp the website cards.  We used our small “Modern Banner” Website stamp.  Follow the directions above for making a good print.

Step 3: Cut your envelope liners.  We used tan text weight paper for a monochromatic neutral look.  To make the liner, trace a template and cut on the traced line.  Be sure to stamp your monogram (we used our “Seal Initial” monogram) on the liner so that when your guests open the envelope there is a lovely surprise!

Step 4: Stamp return and reply addresses on the envelopes.  We used our “Sophisticate” Return Address stamp for this suite.  It’s a great money saving tool to be able to use one stamp for both your return and reply address.

Step 5: To install the liner into the envelope, apply double sided tape (or use a glue stick) around the top triangle of the liner (on the back).  Slide the liner into the envelope, holding the taped edge away from the envelope.  Once the liner is positioned correctly, press down on the tape to adhere.

Finishing touches: Tie the whole suite up with twine, address, and add postage!


“Modern Banner” Invitation Stamp from Antiquaria 

“Modern Banner” Reply Card Stamp from Antiquaria

“Modern Banner” Website Card Stamp-Large  from Antiquaria

“Seal Initial” Monogram Stamp from Antiquaria

“Sophisticate” Return Address Stamp from Antiquaria

Color Box Stamp Pad in Black

Metal Eyelet Tags for website card

A7 Cardstock,

4Bar Cardstock

A7 Envelopes

4 bar Envelopes

Envelope liner templates

81/2″ x 11″ text paper, for liners


Postage (we used the Jazz Forever Stamps mixed with vintage stamps)

Photo Credits: Antiquaria

Clementine Collection from The Pink Orange

Today I’m thrilled to share a few images from Clementine, a new collection of ready-to-order wedding invitations by Rebecca of The Pink Orange.  Clementine includes four invitation mini-collections – Old World Glamour, Simply Sweet, Sentimental Mood, and Contemporary Chic – with the ability to customize color and font selections for each design.  You can check out the full collection here, and I’ve also picked out a few favorites to share below!





Check out the full collection right here!  Thanks Rebecca!

Check out the Designer Rolodex for more tal­ented wed­ding invi­ta­tion design­ers and the real invi­ta­tions gallery for beau­ti­ful cus­tom wed­ding invitations!

Photo Credits: The Pink Orange

2011 Holiday Card Round Up, Part 11

As promised, I have a few more beautiful holiday cards to share with you!  This round up includes a little something for everyone – from classic and elegant holiday cards to illustrated and hand lettered designs.  Let’s take a look!

Daily Sip Studios

Armato Design


Presse Dufour

Dutch Door Press

Miss Wyolene


Banquet Atelier & Workshop


Katharine Watson


Dude and Chick (left); Oh My Deer (right)

Dahlia Press

Paper Coterie

{images via their respective sources}

2011 Holiday Card Round Up, Part 10

We’re coming up on the end of this year’s holiday card round ups, but if you still haven’t made your decision there’s definitely no shortage of awesome holiday cards to choose from!  I have two holiday card round ups to share with you today, each full of beautiful cards.  And just in case you missed them, you can find the previous round ups right here!

Rob Ryan

One Lantern


Dear Hancock


Pepper Press NY


Greenwich Letterpress

Paisley Tree Press

One Plus One Design


Ruby Press (left); Shortgrass Designs (right)

Inkprint Letterpress

Dingbat Press

The Wheatfield

Check back soon for a few more holiday cards!

{images via their respective sources}

*Paisley Tree Press is one of my fab­u­lous spon­sors; for more on my edi­to­r­ial poli­cies please click here.

Call for Entries – the 2012 Louie Awards!

Back in January, I had the honor of being a judge at the Louie Awards, which were established in 1988 to reward creative excellence in the greeting card and social stationery industry.   Anyone in the stationery industry can submit their work for consideration – not just members of the Greeting Card Association or exhibitors at the National Stationery Show!  Next month, I’ll be heading back up to New York to help judge the 2012 Louies along with fellow editors from HOW Magazine and Stationery Trends, buyers for some of the most influential national retail outlets, and owners of brick and mortar stationery stores – I can’t wait to see this year’s entries!  The entry deadline for the 2012 Louie Awards is coming up in a couple of weeks, so today I thought I’d share the wonderful call for entries that Chairperson Katy Greenspan put together for the awards!

From Katy: The Louie Awards have been an stationery industry institution for almost a quarter of a century.  Last year the Greeting Card Association (GCA) set out on a 3-year plan to revamp the Louies to ensure that the awards are reflective of our industry today.  Recognizing that stationery is so much more than greeting cards, we opened up new categories for invitations, announcements and photocards.

We chose a circus theme for this years awards, “The Greatest Cards on Earth!”  I joined forces with a co-worker, designer Tess Donohoe, to create a call for entries that we hope will inspire paper companies to submit their best work.  The piece inside uses carnival barker speak to draw the reader in, unfolding to reveal the competition details laid out like a circus poster.


I really wanted to include an activity to make the call fun and interactive and liked the idea of a take-away item people could put on their desk or shelf to serve as a reminder to submit.  An elephant never forgets, so “Louie the Elephant” seemed like the perfect choice for our paper toy.  You can see a little video of how Louie comes together right here.

This was kind of a dream project because everything was donated by companies associated with the GCA.  We had our pick of any Neenah paper, and Independent Printing was willing to use any print or finishing technique in creating this one-of-a-kind piece.  We ended up die-cutting the folder and toy (dies by Atlas Dies) and using white and gold foil (provided by the UEI Group).

Thanks Katy!  The Louie Awards are held each year during the National Stationery Show and the deadline for entering is December 15th.  All stationery companies are encouraged to enter!  Details can be found at the GCA website.  If you would like to receive a call for entries in the mail, you can email Katy with your name, company and address.

Design: Tess Donohoe & Katy Greenspan

Paper: Donated by Neenah Paper

Printing: Independent Printing

Dies: Donated by Atlas Dies; foil and foil dies donated by the UEI Group

Photo Credits: Jami Nadzam