Travel-Inspired Letterpress Business Cards from A Fine Press

Matthew from A Fine Press sent over the fabulous business identity and stationery that he recently designed for wedding photographer Karen Ard.  Karen loved the idea of incorporating a wax seal (such a great detail!) and doing something travel-inspired, so Matthew came up with an identity inspired by Southern California surf culture and business cards inspired by luggage tags.  The entire suite was letterpress printed on kraft paper in soft and beachy colors.  So lovely!

From MatthewKaren was particularly drawn to the idea of a wax seal to bring her business stationery together.  She approached me with the idea of doing a travel-inspired visual identity and stationery suite that maintained a nod to her SoCal location.

For inspiration, we drew heavily from postage and postmarks from around the world.  We loved the idea of using the circle of a postmark as our starting point.  A friend’s surf video got me thinking about all the great surf-culture branding out there and the image of a hibiscus blossom on a longboard provided us with a clear direction.

Karen wanted colors to reflect the beach and had suggested we start with seaglass colors.  From there, we settled on teal, with brown as a second color along with cream and kraft-substrates.  For a typeface, we went with the Deco-styled Aviano Sans, which I found extremely evocative of vintage travel.

The print pieces were done on French Paper’s Muscletone Kraft with PopTone Whip Cream envelopes.  In addition to Karen’s official colors, I printed her 1-color logo in transparent white on her thank you cards to make it pop while keeping it neutral in color.  Her luggage tag-inspired business cards were printed with her handwriting filling in the important details.

Thank you so much Matthew!

Photo Credits: Karen Ard

Janie + David’s Oversize Map Destination Wedding Invitations

The ladies at Ladyfingers Letterpress make the coolest wedding invitations.  You (hopefully) remember Arley-Rose and Morgan’s awesome neon and hand lettered wedding invitations for their own wedding last September, and today they’re back with an equally fabulous invitation suite designed for a destination wedding in Hawaii.  I love the oversize invitation (printed on the reverse side of a vintage map!) and all the fun hand lettering elements!

From Morgan and Arley-Rose:  Janie and David have an amazing destination wedding planned for a small group of family and friends in Hawaii.  As a lover of paper and stationery, Janie wanted to incorporate the idea of a love letter into the design for the invitation.

We started with a beautiful map from the year 1794.  We wanted to use something that was was historic and it turns out our printshop is down the street from a small map shop. We called and they had a map of Hawaii!  It was so breathtaking and since its design was within the public domain, all we had to do was some color separation and it was ready to be offset printed in four colors!

Almost all of the typography is hand drawn, written, or painted by Arley-Rose.  The actual invitation is printed on the back of the map, which is folded and serves as the vehicle for all of the other invitations pieces to travel within.  Morgan sourced the very last pallet of Crane’s 100% Cotton Coral Paper (sorry everyone) for the card detailing the story of Janie and David’s love.

The response card is a Mad Lib for guests and includes questions such as “dancing sandal size.”  The travel details are printed on a tiny sunshine yellow card are tucked in a gray envelope mounted on a much larger card declaring “A New Adventure Starts Here.”

Each invitation was folded with its accompanying pieces and wrapped in ribbon from Carta Inc., wax sealed with a heart, and stuffed in a gold envelope lined with wave patterned liners.

So awesome!  Thanks Arley-Rose and Morgan!

Ladyfingers Letterpress is a member of the Designer Rolodex – check out more of their beautiful work right here or visit the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Ladyfingers Letterpress

Sean + Tori’s Modern Primary Color Wedding Invitations

I’m loving these modern wedding invitations from Jaime of Ketchup and Mustard!  Jaime designed the invitations for good friends Sean and Tori, incorporating custom lettering and a cheerful palette of primary colors.  Such a joyful and vibrant wedding invitation suite for a fun and energetic couple!

From Jaime: Sean and Tori are an energetic, fun-loving couple that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing for over four years.  They were married in Raleigh, North Carolina in October.  It was only natural that the wedding stationery reflect their natural energy and fun personalities.

The custom lettering used for the couple’s names was adapted from the logo I designed for Tasty Beverage Company, a specialty retail beer store Sean opened last summer in downtown Raleigh.  On the accompanying map, Sean and Tori are illustrated as their favorite food and drink, a beer and a biscuit giving each other a high five.

Thanks Jaime!

Design: Jaime Van Wart, Ketchup and Mustard

Letterpress Printing: SomethingPressed

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Photo Credits: Brett and Jessica Donar of Brett Arthur Weddings

Eve + Mike’s Metallic Silver New Year’s Eve Wedding Invitations

These wedding invitations from Wiley Valentine mix classic design with a bit of sparkle.  Rachelle and Emily created these letterpress invitations for a New Year’s Eve wedding, pairing classic silver ink and edge painting with embellished packaging and a sparkly fabric wrap – perfect for a winter wedding!

From Rachelle at Wiley ValentineEve and Mike’s wedding invitations were letterpress printed by hand with silver edge painting.  The invitation suite includes a custom map and a tiny reception card that fit inside a coin envelope.  The groom preferred simple and classic design while the bride really wanted some bling, so we added some fabulous silver fabric as a wrap inside the invitation.

The bride really wanted something special to arrive in the mail.  The presentation was really important to her, so we had custom cloth covered boxes made with her charcoal and silver color palette.  The inside silver fabric wrap was also used as table runners at the wedding.

We kept the design of the pieces classic with clean fonts and a bold monogram using their first initials, all letterpress printed on white white cotton paper in silver ink.  Silver edge painting added a bit of sparkle.

The tiny reception card was tucked inside a letterpress envelope adorned with a single Swarovski crystal.  We created a digitally-printed hand drawn map to let guests know the location of the ceremony and the reception.

Thanks Rachelle and Emily!

Wiley Valentine is a member of the Designer Rolodex – check out more of their beautiful work right here or visit the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Wiley Valentine

Catherine + Ted’s Modern and Rustic Faux Bois Wedding Invitations

Sarah from Truly Smitten sent over these beautiful invitations that she designed for a friend’s wedding this summer, incorporating a sophisticated faux bois pattern and playful typography for a modern take on rustic wedding invitations.  Sarah worked with Kseniya from Thomas Printers to letterpress print the entire invitation suite, including the adorable RSVP card and envelopes.

From Sarah: I had the honor of designing a dear friend’s wedding invitation suite for this summer.  Catherine and Ted are having their wedding at a rustic vineyard in California with lots of elements of wood and nature.

I incorporated the faux bois woodgrain style and chose a more whimsical, informal typography style since I wanted to reflect the couple’s fun, laid back personalities.  The wedding suite was letterpress printed by Thomas Printers on Crane’s Flourescent White Lettra. 

Thanks so much Sarah!

Design: Truly Smitten

Letterpress Printing: Thomas Printers

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Photo Credits: Truly Smitten

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