Seasonal Stationery: Father’s Day Cards

Happy Monday everyone!  We’ve got a really awesome giveaway coming up a bit later this morning that you definitely won’t want to miss, but first – Father’s Day cards!  Father’s Day is coming up in just a couple of weeks, so I wanted to start the week off with a few favorite cards to help celebrate the favorite dads in our lives…


Anemone Letterpress

Sycamore Street Press


Sugar Paper


Egg Press (left) and Rifle Paper Co. (right)

Orange Twist


Wiley Valentine

Red Cap Cards

I’ll be back with a few more Father’s Day cards tomorrow!

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Friday Happy Hour: The Queen’s Park Swizzle

In the mood for something tropical?  Here’s one of Trinidad’s greatest exports, the Queen’s Park Swizzle – an enormously complex drink Trader Vic called “the most delightful form of anesthesia given out today.”  The Queen’s Park Swizzle is one of the most complex drinks – flavor-wise – I’ve ever tasted.  It’s sweet and sour, deliciously minty, earthy, and spicy all at the same time.  And wonderfully cold from a generous portion of crushed ice.  Even though its ingredients resemble those of many other drinks, especially the more effervescent Mojito, this Swizzle has a taste like nothing else, and it’s very, very good. – Andrew

Cocktail Friday Recipe: The Queen's Park Swizzle via Oh So Beautiful Paper (13)

Read below for the full recipe!

Queen’s Park Swizzle

3 oz Clear Rum (Demerara Rum is best)
1 oz Lime Juice
1/2 oz Simple Syrup (again, Demerara sugar is best)
1/2 oz Velvet Falernum
Angostura Bitters
Mint Leaves

Cocktail Friday Recipe: The Queen's Park Swizzle via Oh So Beautiful Paper (27) Cocktail Friday Recipe: The Queen's Park Swizzle via Oh So Beautiful Paper (19)

Cover the bottom of a highball glass with mint leaves.  Don’t muddle: since the mint is staying in the glass, bruising it will turn the mint bitter, so just slap the leaves a few times in your palm.  Cover with lots of crushed ice.  Add the rum, lime juice, sugar, and falernum.  Cover with more crushed ice.  Swizzle (more on that in just a moment).  Add the bitters, and don’t skimp – a dozen dashes isn’t out of the question.  Top with more crushed ice, garnish with a bunch of mint, plunk in a straw, and enjoy!

Cocktail Friday Recipe: The Queen's Park Swizzle via Oh So Beautiful Paper (16) Cocktail Friday Recipe: The Queen's Park Swizzle via Oh So Beautiful Paper (29)

Now: swizzling.  You’re not shaking this drink, and you’re not stirring it, you’re swizzling.  Take a bar spoon or, better yet, an actual swizzle stick, and insert it into the ice (not so far down that you disturb the mint).  Twirl the stick between your palms, back and forth, blending and cooling the drink until a nice film of ice forms on the outside of the glass.  Real swizzle sticks are made from actual sticks, stems from the quararibea turbinata, grown on Martinique and nearby islands and known to locals as the swizzle stick tree.  In some places, people make medicinal teas from the bark of the tree, so it’s not hard to imagine it making the leap to rustic blender.  It blends a Swizzle subtly but well and makes for quite a show.  If you use a real one, make sure to wash it and let it try after each use.

Cocktail Friday Recipe: The Queen's Park Swizzle via Oh So Beautiful Paper (24)

The Queen’s Park Swizzle was invented at the Queen’s Park Hotel in Trinidad’s capital, Port-of-Spain, in the 1920s.  Swizzles were around for over a century before that, and may descend from switchels – much older drinks, an early form of today’s energy drinks made from sweetened vinegar and water – but the Queen’s Park may be the first of the modern family of Swizzles.  (The oldest recipe in print, from 1788, lists spruce beer, rum, and sugar as its ingredients.)  Oh, and Velvet Falernum?  This isn’t part of the original recipe, but was included in the version I learned from Derek Brown, DC’s cocktail king, and trust me, it’s worth it.  Falernum is a sweet syrup from the Caribbean, somewhat like orgeat syrup.  Velvet Falernum is a liqueur version, imported from Barbados and made from rum, sugar cane syrup, lime juice, and plenty of spices – cloves, allspice, ginger, cinnamon, and maybe a hint of almond.  Yum.

Cocktail Friday Recipe: The Queen's Park Swizzle via Oh So Beautiful Paper (8)

Oh, and be careful: that’s a lot of booze in one drink.  The Queen’s Park Swizzle’s saving grace is that it takes a long time to build one properly.  Take your time, sip slowly, and savor.

Photo Credits: Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

{happy weekend!}

Happy Friday everyone!  I’ve had a wonderful time covering the 2012 National Stationery Show, but after spending much of the last two weeks going through more than 1,000 photos from the show I’m looking forward to turning my attention back to everyday things – like making progress on the nursery!  I’m also super excited about next week because I have a super awesome giveaway to share with you on Monday!  But in the meantime…

Photo by me, cute little venn diagram love card by Maginating

…a few links for your weekend!

This week on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

As usual, we have a fun cocktail coming up for you this afternoon, so check back a bit later for the recipe!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday!  xoxo

National Stationery Show 2012, Part 12

Aaaaand… with a dozen posts full of paper awesomeness, we’ve reached the final recap of exhibitor booths from this year’s National Stationery Show!  I’m ready for a super long nap as we head into the weekend, but first let’s take a look at some of the final stationery eye candy from the show!  First up, the Smock and Bella Figura booth.  I was super excited to check out the new gift wrap patterns and notebook collection, not to mention some of the new foil printed greeting card and wedding invitation designs!




Smock + Bella Figura

Every year, the Crane & Co. booth looks like a Fifth Avenue storefront – complete with gorgeous window displays inspired by Bergdorf Goodman and other classic department stores!  I always spend a few minutes gazing at the beautiful collection in each display…





I’m so happy to see Crane & Co. embracing its extensive history with Americana-inspired stationery collections – they’ve been around since 1801 and have printed stationery for several presidents and even foreign kings and queens!  At the same time, they’re incorporating modern design with bright new color options for the classic Crane & Co. hand bordered correspondence cards.  And is there anything more classic and elegant than white engraved text on red paper?  Beautiful!

Crane & Co.

I’m a big fan of the rustic vibe over at Old School Stationers.  I always love their colorful letterpress art prints, greeting cards, and calendars featuring their signature hand-drawn illustrations!



Old School Stationers

Nashville-based Erin from Arboreal also has somewhat of a rustic vibe going on, but with a stationery collection largely inspired by Erin’s travels to Italy.  The line includes gift wrap sheets, gift tags, and beautiful boxed note card sets.




The talented sisters of Spark Letterpress made a return to the Stationery Show with a huge booth full of gorgeous invitations, fun party bunting, and beautiful foil printed certificates and greeting cards.  I’m a longtime fan of the Spark wedding invitation collection, but I’m so happy to see them branching out with more Bar and Bat Mitzvah invitations and other party invitation designs!





Spark Letterpress

L2 Design Collective never fails to make me smile with their colorful screen printed cards and journals.  I’m seriously loving all the new holiday and Halloween card designs, and the bagel and cream cheese card below still makes me laugh!





L2 Design Collective

Envelopments recently collaborated with Kristy Rice of Momental Designs on an exclusive new wedding collection, called Trellis.  Kristy was on hand at the Envelopments booth to talk about the new designs in person.  Kristy creates the most amazing one of a kind hand painted wedding invitations  – and the Trellis collection captures her unique style in such a beautiful way.






That’s it folks!  I hope you enjoyed the recaps from this year’s National Stationery Show!  If you missed any of the last eleven posts or want to check out the booths from last year, you can see all of my stationery show coverage from the last four years right here!

Photo Credits: Stephen Michael Garey and Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Pretty Paper in the Office: Staplers

As paperless as the world has become, I always have stacks of papers to sort through.  And you’ll always find a means of keeping them tidy on my desk. Folders, paper clips, and the all mighty stapler.  (Which is also great for a little stress relief, might I add.)  I know I’m not the only one who still has a trusty stapler by their side, so I’ve put together a round up of all shapes and sizes for keeping it together!  – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office stapler round up

No. 1 ANYTHING stapler from See Jane Work; No. 2 Ace Pilot stapler from Schoolhouse Electric; No. 3 Made By Humans staple-free stapler from Amazon; No. 4 Swingline limited edition stapler from Amazon; No. 5 Beech wood stapler from Present&Correct; No. 6 Dog stapler from The Container Store


And for those of you who attended the National Stationery Show, or who follow Nole’s Instagram, this gorgeous acrylic and gold Russell + Hazel stapler will be available on their website July 15th!

{images via their respective sources}