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Also at Crafty Bastards, I came across the most lovely handmade cotton baby quilts from local artisan Namoo.  I love the modern patterns, and the cotton fabric is so incredibly soft in person!  And while kids aren’t in my immediate future, I’ll definitely be keeping these quilts on my list for when the time comes:

organic cotton baby bedding 500x334 {today I love...}

circles handmade organic cotton quilt2 300x449 {today I love...} circles handmade organic cotton quilt 300x449 {today I love...}

organic cotton baby quilt 500x464 {today I love...}

Check out the full selection right here!

{image credits: namoo}

Crafty Bastards 2010

The annual Crafty Bastards fair took place over the weekend here in DC, and I had such a fun time walking around seeing all the booths and new exhibitors.  The fair was completely packed, which was great – but it was a bit too crowded to take photos, so I thought I’d share a few cool things from some of my favorite booths at the fair.  First up, the stationers and paper artists, of course – there were so many at Crafty Bastards this year, yay!

Briana and Jason from Brainstorm came down from Philadelphia with a bunch of new prints and posters:

Brainstorm Earth Poster 300x347 Crafty Bastards 2010 Brainstorm Atmosphere Poster 300x347 Crafty Bastards 2010


Fun screen printed and letterpress cards from the Brooklyn-based McBittersons:

McBittersons Squirrel Card 300x400 Crafty Bastards 2010 McBittersons Cake Candles 300x400 Crafty Bastards 2010


It was wonderful to meet the husband and wife team of Nate Duval and Jen Skelley and see more of their work in person – if you aren’t already familiar with their respective prints and posters, you’ll definitely want to check them out!

nate duval alphabet 300x400 Crafty Bastards 2010 nate duval nighttime 300x400 Crafty Bastards 2010

{nate duval}

Jen Skelley Mugs 300x402 Crafty Bastards 2010 Jen Skelley Hot Air Balloon 300x402 Crafty Bastards 2010

{jen skelley}

Kyle from Power and Light Press brought her fabulous letterpress cards all the way out from Portland, Oregon!

power light press beard love 300x330 Crafty Bastards 2010 power and light press 300x330 Crafty Bastards 2010

{power and light press}

Pretty notebooks, journals (including some chalkboard cover journals!), and albums from Moonlight Bindery:

Moonlight Bindery 500x503 Crafty Bastards 2010

{moonlight bindery}

Lovely illustrated whale prints from Arcane Arts:

Arcane Arts Whale2 300x359 Crafty Bastards 2010 Arcane Arts Whale 300x359 Crafty Bastards 2010

{arcane arts}

Baltimore-based Alyssa and Michael from Small Talk Studio also came out, with prints, cards, and some beautiful pillows made from custom designed screen printed fabrics:

Small Talk Studio Fox Print 300x387 Crafty Bastards 2010 Small Talk Studio Gray Pillow 300x387 Crafty Bastards 2010

{small talk studio}

On the jewelry side, I fell in love with the delicate necklaces and earrings from Sarah Cecelia:

Sarah Cecelia Necklace 500x333 Crafty Bastards 2010

{sarah cecelia}

Rhonda and Elijah from Figs and Ginger were at Crafty Bastards for a second time with their beautiful jewelry (as well as some really cool wood jewelry coming out soon!)

Figs Ginger1 Crafty Bastards 2010 Figs Ginger2 Crafty Bastards 2010

{figs and ginger}

Did any of you attend Crafty Bastards this year?  If you did, I’d love to hear about your favorites from the fair!

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{happy weekend!}

Ok, I’ll admit it, this week totally won.  I’m exhausted and ready for a much-needed weekend.  I’m also really looking forward to this weekend, because tomorrow is the annual Crafty Bastards fair here in DC!  If you’re in the DC area, you should definitely come check it out.  Also relevant to DC-based readers, one of the many projects I’ve been working on recently is almost done!  Want a sneak peek?  I’m so excited!  But in the meantime…

bed and quilt 500x335 {happy weekend!}

…a few links for your weekend:

…and just in case you missed it, a round-up of this week’s posts:

That’s it for me this week!  I hope you all have a wonderful (and hopefully relaxing) weekend, and I’ll see you all back here on Monday!

{photo by aimee, who has the most lovely photostream, found via design crush}

A Fun To Do List!

I’m definitely a write-it-down kind of girl – if I don’t write something down, it just doesn’t stick in my brain.  I’m constantly searching for little scraps of paper with key bits of information scattered around my apartment, but maybe instead I’ll just go for a nice, neat, organized note pad like this one from Old Tom Foolery:

To Do Notepad2 A Fun To Do List!

To Do Notepads 500x500 A Fun To Do List!

To Do Notepads2 500x500 A Fun To Do List!

Plus, I’m convinced there’s just nothing more satisfying than physically checking off a little box on a written to do list.  Either way, you can find these note pads right here.

{image credits: old tom foolery}