Claremont Collection Wedding Invitations from Curious & Co.

Today I’m thrilled to share some of the designs from the Claremont Collection, a wedding invitation line from Curious & Co. Creative with letterpress printing by Cleanwash Letterpress.  Curious & Co. Creative recently introduced four new designs to the collection, including the fabulous ikat wedding invitation that you might remember from the Martha Stewart Weddings sneak peek a couple of weeks ago.  I love the mix of modern and traditional design elements.  So pretty!

Curious & Co. Creative is a mem­ber of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beau­ti­ful work and the full Claremont Collection right here!

Photo Credits: Trevor Dixon

DIY Tutorial: Rubber Stamp Calling Cards

The ladies of Anti­quaria took a quick break to relocate to California (congrats ladies!), but today they’re back with another fab­u­lous and cre­ative DIY project!  This week they’re here with three options for DIY rubber stamp calling cards!

After a studio relocation and move…we are back with more DIY stamp tutorials!!  This week, we are exploring the world of calling cards, a fun and unique way to make a lasting impression on someone you’ve just met.  By using a calling card rubber stamp, you can customize and really make them reflect you!  Also, because you can make them in small batches, you can change their design on a whim and reflect your current mood & style.

To create these three calling cards, we adapted techniques from our previous DIY posts (and one sneak peek).

Our Geek Chic tutorial, is super easy and uses very inexpensive and resourceful materials!!

1. Find vintage, or download & print (we used Hex Dot for this calling card) graph paper. Cut into 2×3″ rectangles.

2. Cut kraft colored card stock into 3.5 x 2.5″ rectangles.

3. Ink stamp (we used our Calligraphy Accent Calling Card stamp) with desired color and make print using even pressure on a hard surface.

4. Using fun colored or patterned washi tape, affix the stamped graph paper to the kraft paper backing. (If more security is desired, use double stick tape to affix the two together and use the washi tape as decoration)

As a teaser for our next Save the Date tutorial, this calling card uses stamp pad edge painting to make the cards really pop.  This technique is so simple, you won’t believe it!

1. Using a heavy cotton paper, cut into 2.5×3″ rectangles.

2. To make the mixed ombre stamp image, use 2 different but similarly shaded colors (we used a mix of orange & red, one dark, one light).  Ink the stamp (we used our Navajo Calling Card stamp) lightly in the darker of the two, then ink over it in the lighter shade.  Stamp image with even pressure on a hard work surface.  Let the images dry overnight.

3. To paint the edges, grasp each card in the middle.  Drag the edges through your stamp pad, applying even pressure to ensure an even border…it’s that simple!!!

By far one of the most popular DIY posts we’ve done, this calling card uses the techniques from the Hand Watercolor Save the Dates & Thank You Card tutorial.  It astounds us how many different looks you can achieve with this technique!

1. Choose the colors you desire to paint with (a few similar shades and one contrasting always looks nice).

2. Paint random and uneven lines on sheets of watercolor paper. When dry, cut each sheet into 2 x 3.5″ rectangles. Admire how lovely and unique each one is!

3. Ink stamp (we used our Typewriter Calling Cardstamp) and print, pressing evenly on a hard work surface.

So, get stamping and be creative with the most important brand you represent….you!!

Photo Credits: Antiquaria for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Studio Tour – Czar Press

I love getting a sneak peek into printing studios.  I’m constantly in awe of the heavy duty cast iron machines that produce such beautiful and delicate stationery.  I was absolutely thrilled when Michael from Czar Press sent over this fun tour of his letterpress printing studio in Orange County, California.  Let’s take a look!

From Michael: We’re a full service wholesale and commercial print shop.  We make our own film and photopolymer plates and offer letterpress printing, flat printing, die cutting, scoring, duplexing, edge painting, and some other good stuff.  Our shop currently consists of four letterpresses: Chandler, a 12 x 18 Chandler & Price; Ivan, a 10×15 hand feed Kluge; and Boris and Lenin, both 10×15 auto feed Kluges.  We also have a little nursery for my little one, Piper.  We welcome vistors!

And here’s the cozy play area that Michael created for his adorable daughter Piper!

Thanks Michael!  For more from Czar Press, check out their website right here!

Photo Credits: Czar Press

*Czar Press is one of my fab­u­lous spon­sors; for more on my edi­to­r­ial poli­cies please click here.

Sara + Jeff’s Laser Etched Wood Veneer Wedding Invitations

These wood veneer wedding invitations from Fourth Year Studio are so pretty.  Dianna and Emily from Fourth Year Studio created these invitations for a couple that loves hiking and the outdoors, and wood veneer proved to be the perfect medium!  Dianna and Emily combined etched wood veneer with flat printed pieces in a faux bois pattern for a modern and organic invitation suite.

From Dianna and EmilySara & Jeff came to us for invitations for their southern fall wedding.  They are avid hikers and love spending time outdoors together.  We knew we wanted to incorporate wood and laser etching into their set.  The concept was to incorporate their outdoor lover spirits with the beauty of the location they have chosen to get married.

Sara & Jeff’s initials area carved into the tree trunk on the front and on the back a map was etched of Clarksville, Georgia.  A perforated RSVP postcard was flat printed and tied to the custom map.   Once guests removed the postcard to mail back their RSVP, it revealed the map underneath!

Corresponding thank you cards were flat printed with a wood grain detail.  The invitation suite was packaged in an olive green kraft envelope.  Sara and Jeff’s ceremony programs were also flat printed and stitched onto fabrics with a similar color palette.

Dianna and Emily created a second proof for Sara and Jeff that didn’t end up being produced, but I just had to include it here since I love this proof design as much as the actual invitation!  This design features laser cut paper layered over a piece of basswood to create the effect of stenciled text.  The two pieces were attached with string for a modern and organic feel.  So pretty!

Thanks ladies!  Check out more from Fourth Year Studio right here!

Photo Credits: Chris Melander

Modern Ketubah Designs from Urban Collective by Jennifer Raichman

After my last ketubah post, I received the sweetest note from the ladies at Urban Collective introducing me to their collection of wedding ketubot.  Sisters Wendy and Jennifer offer beautiful modern ketubah designs, including giclée prints and a collection of gorgeous papercut designs in partnership with artist Naomi Shiek.  So, so pretty.

Check out more over at Urban Collective right here!

Photo Credits: Urban Collective