Seasonal Stationery: Mother’s Day Cards, Part 3

I’ve been having so much fun finding Mother’s Day cards this year – I just couldn’t resist sharing a few more this week! This group of cards has a little bit of everything, from bright and colorful illustrated cards to laser cut wood to quirky and sassy cards. You’ll have no trouble finding a card with the perfect personality for your unique mama!

2016 Mother's Day Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. A bright and colorful card with a sweet message from Hello!Lucky

2. I absolutely ADORE this risograph mama card from Yellow Owl Workshop

3. This card from The Dancing Cat is perfect for a cat-loving mom!

4. Mom truth from People I’ve Loved

5. For all the rad moms from Lucky Horse Press

6. A beautiful hand drawn floral pattern and hand lettering from Happy Cactus

7. I love the combination of script and wood in this laser cut card from Cardtorial

8. Pretty neon pink and gold foil on peach kraft paper from Anemone Letterpress

9. A sassy Mother’s Day card from Richie Designs

10. Such great colors and patterns in this die cut card from Hammerpress

p.s. Lots more Mother’s Day cards in the Market List right here!

Happy Weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! It’s a gorgeous Spring day here in DC and my three year-old has a day off from pre-school, since Emancipation Day is a holiday in DC. So I’m off to spend some time with my little and enjoy this gorgeous weather! But in the meantime…

BerinMade via Instagram / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Image by BerinMade via Instagram (from the #dailydoseofpaper feed)

…a few links for your weekend!

The last two weeks on Oh So Beautiful Paper:

That’s it for me this week! Check back in just a bit for this week’s cocktail recipe! I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and I’ll see you back here on Monday! xoxo

Seasonal Stationery: Mother’s Day Cards

Mother’s Day is just a few weeks away! Today I’m kicking off a series of Mother’s Day card round ups with ten gorgeous cards to help send your love to Mom. This year I’m really finding myself drawn towards sweet and simple cards – here are a few favorites!

2016 Mother's Day Card Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. A beautiful gold foil Mother’s Day card on speckled gray paper from Moglea – with an equally beautiful abstract envelope!

2. Sweet floral sentiments for your sweet mum by In the Daylight

3. Neon pink Mother’s Day wishes by Wayfare Press

4. A vintage-inspired card from Maple and Belmont

5. Beautiful sky blue letterpress printed calligraphy by Parrott Design Studio

6. Sweet and simple from Sugar Paper

7. A pretty papercut Mother’s Day card from Evermore Paper Co.

8. I love this Ramona & Ruth card for fashionable moms

9. Giving mom flowers? Include this card from Worthwhile Paper!

10. For the superhero mom by Ink Meets Paper

p.s. You can find a TON more Mother’s Day cards in the Market List right here!

Cuba Libre – and Happy National Cocktail Day!

I can never keep up with national food holidays, but National Cocktail Day? That I can do. And with warmer days on the horizon, I’m looking forward to getting back to chilled cocktails in highball glasses full of ice. So for National Cocktail Day we decided to celebrate with a bonus cocktail recipe for the week – a classic highball cocktail recipe that is super easy to recreate on a hot day: the Cuba Libre!

Cuba Libre Recipe / Oh So Beautiful Paper

As you’ll see in the recipe below, the Cuba Libre is basically a rum and coke with limes and plenty of ice. A classic combination. But you can also dress up that combination by adding your favorite bitters, fresh mint leaves, some extra lime juice, or even a favorite simple syrup. So when Keurig reached out about trying their brand new KOLD drinkmaker, we immediately thought of the Cuba Libre as the perfect fit!

Cuba Libre Recipe / Oh So Beautiful Paper

The Cuba Libre

8 oz Keurig KOLD Red Barn Craft Soda

2 oz rum

Half a lime

1/4 oz ginger-lime simple syrup (optional)

Muddle the lime in a highball glass, then add ice, rum, Keurig KOLD Red Barn Craft Soda, and simple syrup. Give it a stir and enjoy!

Cuba Libre Recipe / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Like the original Keurig (hot), the Keurig KOLD delivers on-demand beverages right at home – this time at the perfectly chilled temperature of 39 degrees. And each KOLD pod contains its own carbonation, so you don’t have to worry about CO2 canisters. For our Cuba Libre, we used the Cane Cola from Red Barn Craft Soda. The pure sugar cane in the cola is the perfect match for a Cuba Libre. I’d also love to try this combination of ingredients with the Persian Lime Seltzer instead of Cane Cola – I think it would be so refreshing!

Cuba Libre Recipe / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Keurig kindly sent me one of their new KOLD machines for review. All content and opinions are my own.

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Using Food Coloring

Last year was the first year that Sophie, my (now) three and a half year-old, really got into the whole Easter experience. We spent the holiday weekend with family, and she absolutely LOVED dyeing Easter eggs and the subsequent backyard hunt with her cousins. So naturally I’ve been thinking of fun ways to decorate our Easter eggs this year, and I’m excited to share some with you! First up, marbled Easter eggs using food coloring! I’ve seen some gorgeous marbled Easter eggs that use nail polish (these are my favorite), but nail polish marbling can be very messy and isn’t food safe. But it turns out that you can create beautiful marbled eggs using just plain old liquid food coloring and a bit of vegetable oil. Super easy and totally toddler friendly!

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Using Food Coloring / Oh So Beautiful Paper

I really had one goal in mind when it came to these eggs: a marbled pattern in my favorite shade of pale pink. It also happens to be Sophie’s favorite color (win win!), but I also think it’s the perfect shade for early spring. Since we’re using regular old liquid food coloring, you can easily adjust the color and shade to your preferences. Start with less food coloring for a lighter shade, or just add more food coloring to achieve a deeper shade of your chosen color.

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Using Food Coloring / Oh So Beautiful Paper

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Using Food Coloring / Oh So Beautiful Paper


Hardboiled Eggs

Liquid Food Coloring

Small Bowl


Vegetable Oil


Paper Towels

Disposable Gloves (optional)


DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Using Food Coloring / Oh So Beautiful Paper

To make the eggs:

Step 1. Fill a small bowl with hot water (you’ll want enough water to fully cover a submerged egg). Add one tablespoon of vinegar, followed by several drops of liquid food coloring in your chosen color. I added about ten drops of red food coloring to achieve this pale pink color.

Tip: You can test the dye color with a paper towel before submerging your eggs, but keep in mind that a paper towel will absorb the dye much faster than an egg, so you’ll want the paper towel to show a dye color several shades darker than your intended egg color.

Step 2. Add a dash of vegetable oil (or any other oil you might have in the house) to your dye bath, and swirl around with a spoon. The marbling pattern on your egg will be determined by the size of the little oil bubbles floating around the dye bath, so for a more marbled look be sure to give that oil several stirs!

Step 3. Wearing gloves or using a spoon, submerge an egg in the dye bath, rotating it fully to make sure that the entire surface makes contact with the oil bubbles on the surface of the dye bath. Remove from the dye bath immediately and pat dry with a paper towel.

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Using Food Coloring / Oh So Beautiful Paper

So easy!

If you like, you can achieve a more subtle tone-on-tone marbled pattern by dyeing your eggs a lighter shade of the same color in a separate dye bath before dipping them in the marbled dye bath, which I did to a couple of my eggs. But I honestly love the look of the marbled dye on white eggs, and it takes all of 30 seconds per egg!

DIY Marbled Easter Eggs Using Food Coloring / Oh So Beautiful Paper

So pretty, right? I’m so excited to make these quick and easy marbled eggs with Sophie (and her cousins) this year! I may even add a few more pastel shades to the final mix. I hope you’ll try making them, too!