OSBP at Home: Living Room Reading Nook

I mentioned last week that we’ve been doing a lot around the house in preparation for Baby No. 2. And while I’m still dreaming about some of our bigger projects, most of the current tasks aren’t all that much fun or pretty – there’s lots of shelf hanging, hole patching, and other little odds and ends going on. It’s all absolutely necessary, but sometimes I just want to bring something pretty into the mix! Back in February we had custom built-ins installed in our living room (which I need to photograph and share with you!), which left a corner of our living room begging for a nice little reading nook. I inherited a couple of antique chairs from my grandmother before she passed a few years ago, so I’m just on the hunt for the perfect floor lamp to complete this little corner!

Reading Nook by Ali Cayne via Domino / Photo by Brittany Ambridge / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Photo by Brittany Ambridge via Domino from Ali Cayne’s Home Tour (again!)

Pink Living Room / Photo by Clive Tompsett Photography for Sköna Hem / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Photo by Clive Tompsett Photography for Sköna Hem via sfgirlbybay

Photo by Michael Partenio / Design by Erin Gates and Styling by Stacy Kunsel via Better Homes & Gardens / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Photo by Michael Partenio / Design by Erin Gates and Styling by Stacy Kunsel via Better Homes & Gardens

Rocking Chair and Reading Nook via Design Sponge / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Cozy living room via Design Sponge

Right now I’m leaning towards either a tripod floor lamp or task floor lamp. A tripod lamp would provide a bit more ambient lighting, which we need in that corner, but I do like the coziness of a task lamp. Either way, I want something with a fairly small footprint (a big arc light won’t work in our space) and a style that isn’t too traditional or fussy. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

12 Awesome Floor Lamps Round Up / Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Land of Nod Cinema Tripod Floor Lamp; 2. Urban Outfitters Stella Floor Lamp; 3. Crate & Barrel Astor Floor Lamp; 4. Ikea Hektar Floor Lamp; 5. Shades of Light Rustic Wood Arc Lamp; 6. West Elm Telescoping Floor Lamp; 7. Schoolhouse Electric Miles Floor Lamp; 8. Blu Dot Perimeter Floor Lamp (probably too modern for us, but I love the pop of color!); 9. Beaded Ball Floor Lamp via Chairish; 10. Robert Abbey Brass Pharmacy Lamp via Lamps Plus; 11. Pottery Barn Mercury Glass Task Floor Lamp; 12. Schoolhouse Electric Mulberry Tripod Lamp

Have any of you found any really great floor lamps lately that you’d like to share? I’m still on the hunt!

OSBP at Home: Small Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

This is the 30th week of my pregnancy, and I think it’s pretty safe to say that I’ve hit the nesting phase of this pregnancy. I’ve been running around trying to take care of small projects around the house, and my dad is coming down in a couple of weeks to help with a few things that we’re not able to do on our own. Prepare yourselves for a few more home-related posts over the next couple of weeks: it’s all I can think about! And there are a couple of big projects that I can’t seem to shake from my mind. The one that I’m most anxious to check off the list is the renovation of our main bathroom. As I mentioned here – the bathroom really needs to be completely gutted, which is kind of overwhelming for a first time homeowner. So while we figure out how to tackle this project, I thought I’d share some of the inspiration that I’ve gathered so far!

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Small Bathroom Renovation Inspiration / Photo by Brittany Ambridge via Domino from Ali Cayne's Home Tour

Photo by Brittany Ambridge via Domino from Ali Cayne’s Home Tour

Whatever we decide to do, I want to stay true to the traditional feel of our older home. Our current bathroom (and the only full bathroom in the entire house) is dark and unwelcoming, with modern touches that feel out of keeping with our 1920s rowhouse. The walls are painted a dark teal and paired with dark slate tile around the bathtub and dark finishings, all of which make the room feel very small – but aside from all that, the slate tile is literally flaking away and leaking everywhere. I can’t wait to rip the entire thing out! We decided pretty early on that we’d replace the tile around the bath and shower with bright white subway tile, which makes a regular appearance on my Pinterest page. Ahhhh…. like a breath of fresh air!

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Small Bathroom Renovation Inspiration / Riesco & Lapres via Desire to Inspire

Riesco & Lapres via Desire to Inspire

But the other walls? I’m not sure. Continue tile around the room? Another treatment like wainscoting or beadboard? The room is really small and we have shelving running along the wall behind the toilet to provide some much-needed storage, so there probably isn’t enough available wall space to justify wallpaper (as much as I love the idea) but I think I’d like to do something to help break up the rest of the wall space. And a light paint color on the rest of the wall to help the room feel bigger.

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Small Bathroom Renovation Inspiration / via La Dolce Vita by Paloma Contreras

via La Dolce Vita by Paloma Contreras

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Small Bathroom Renovation InspirationOh So Beautiful Paper: Small Bathroom Renovation Inspiration / Pink Walls and Wainscoting via Rue Magazine

Unknown (left) // Rue (right)

I’ve been loving the look of black and white bathrooms for a couple of years now. Our bathroom doesn’t currently receive any natural light, so I don’t think it could handle a lot of black (and I don’t want to just replicate the dark and unwelcoming feeling of our current bathroom), but we do have the option of opening up an existing skylight box in the ceiling. If we did that, maybe we could pull off a black ceiling or a darker feature wall behind the shelves?

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Small Bathroom Renovation Inspiration / Christopher Sturman via Desire to Inspire

Christopher Sturman via Desire to Inspire

Other than that, I’m pretty sure that we’ll need to replace the floor tile since it’s unlikely to survive the removal of the bathtub and surrounding tile – and we’ve always loved the idea of using classic black and white hex floor tile. I also love the idea of incorporating brass touches in the fixtures, some wire and straw baskets for texture (and pretty storage), and a couple of new accessories. But we have to get through the big stuff first before I can start thinking about accessories!

Oh So Beautiful Paper: Small Bathroom Renovation Inspiration

1. Ashley Capp via Style Me Pretty Living; 2. Brass shower rod from Signature Hardware; 3. Hex tile from Home Depot; 4. Bathroom shelving + storage; 5. Bathtub caddy from Anthro; 6. Wire storage basket from West Elm; 7. Shower curtain from Anthro; 8. Ogee countertop edge detail by Grant K Gibson Interior Design via Granite Gurus

Have any of you gone through a full bathroom renovation? Any advice for this first-time renovator/home owner with a new baby on the way?

OSBP At Home: Garden Update

It’s been well over a year since we moved into our house, and while progress inside the house has been a bit slower than I would have liked, I’ve been spending a lot of time out in the garden. It’s the first time I’ve had any real gardening space since I moved to DC more than 10 years ago, and I’m really really enjoying it. Last year I shared some of my plans for our outdoor space. Time for an update!


Our house is a typical DC rowhouse: long and narrow. We don’t have a ton of space to work with, but I’ve been trying to maximize what we’ve got. We have a small garden bed in our backyard patio, which I’ve filled with lilacs, peonies, roses, and a few other perennial varieties. I save annuals for pots arranged along the fence on the other side of the patio so that I don’t have to worry too much about them once the cold weather sets in.


Our backyard garden is my happy place in mid-to-late spring when the peonies and lilacs are blooming. Everything was late this year thanks to the neverending winter, but once the warmer weather arrived in April everything just exploded – especially my lilacs. I have a total of four lilac bushes, all planted in the back of the garden bed closest to the fence, and the smell was positively intoxicating when they all bloomed. I wish they lasted forever!



The lilacs were quickly followed by peonies – I have five plants in varying colors of white and pink (pale pink Sarah Bernhardt, Coral and Gold, and a hot pink variety whose name I’ve forgotten). This was the view that greeted me when I came home from the National Stationery Show in late May:


I snapped some more photos a few weeks ago, at the very tail end of peony season, and with the exception of the peonies most of these flowers are still going pretty strong in the garden. We planted a border of pink and purple saliva in the garden bed, and my David Austin rose bushes bloom frequently as long as I deadhead regularly. I planted some impatiens under the rosebushes for a bit of added color, all of which seem to be growing quite happily. There is a small white crape myrtle in the back corner, which has been in bloom the last few weeks and I hope will grow to provide some much-needed shade over the next couple of years. Since these photos were taken, some yellow dinner plate dahlias have grown in around the peonies and are slowly taking over the garden much to my dismay – I need to do more research on (successfully) growing those big monsters!







We also have a few potted strawberry plants – Sophie LOVED picking the fresh berries when they were in season. There’s a small bed that runs along the stairs down to our unfinished basement, where I’ve planted a wisteria vine – which surprised me by blooming the tiniest little wisteria this spring! – and a few other partial-sun perennials. I’d love to eventually build a pergola over our back door and train the wisteria to grow over it. I also have a small potted viburnum; I’m waiting for it to get a bit larger before transplanting to its permanent home in the front garden.



Potted plants along the fence on the opposite side of the backyard. We recently added a few marigolds (to help deter flower-eating pests), a dark purple opal basil plant, and a couple of zinnia for some additional summer color. The clematis vine is one of my favorites in the entire garden. The flowers are so romantic! Future plans for this area include a vertical herb garden and possibly a small vertical vegetable garden – next year!



Finally, another small partial sun garden bed that runs along the path next to our garage. I planted a hellebore, some jasmine, a couple of Japanese painted ferns, some impatiens, begonias, purple coral bells, and a bleeding heart all the way in the back (which is now the size of a small hydrangea!). I love love love the combination of the painted fern and impatiens!




And that’s our garden – at least for the moment! Sadly, along with DC summer heat and humidity, the mosquitos and earwigs have arrived in force. The mosquitos in particular make it difficult to enjoy the backyard for long periods of time, so I haven’t been spending as much time outdoors as I’d normally like to. I’m trying to learn more about garden pest control in general, since I’ve also battled rose slugs and normal slugs in the backyard. We’ve also been contending with an infestation of the horrible-sounding Dead Man’s Fingers in one corner of the garden bed. It pre-dates any of the plants in the garden bed (we started fresh when we moved in last year), so I’m worried there might be some dead tree root buried deep in the soil causing the fungus. Anyone out there have any experience successfully battling Dead Man’s Fingers?? I have so much to learn about gardening!

All photos by me, via my Canon DSLR and via Instagram

Sophie Style: Toddler Bedding

We’re getting ready to make some big changes to the nursery: preparation both for a shared nursery after baby no. 2 arrives in September and for Sophie to move to a toddler bed! Sophie isn’t quite ready just yet, but we’re pretty sure she’ll be there in a couple of months so I’ve been keeping an eye on cute toddler bedding in anticipation. Today I thought I’d round up a few of my favorite finds!

Cute Toddler Girl Bedding Round Up by Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. Bonjour! pillow by Erin Jang for Land of Nod (absolutely loving this new capsule collection!); 2. Auggie Pretty with Pink Collection bedding; 3. Farmer’s Market Bedding by Erin Jang for Land of Nod; 4. Colette Bream toddler bedding; 5. + 6. Sundae Best duvet cover and ice cream pillow by Oh Joy for Land of Nod; 7. Ferm Living neon raindrop pillow; 8. Land of Nod Surprise Party Bedding; 9. Dwell Studio galaxy pillow; 10. Ko-ko-ko shop knit cloud pillow

{images via their respective sources}