Jason’s Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks

We’re starting today off with something a little different – this very cool alphabet installation that designer Jason Gomez created for his daughter’s nursery.  Jason and his wife didn’t know the gender of their baby, Jason wanted to keep the color palette neutral while incorporating lots of pattern and interesting letter shapes.  The result is very cool – and something that his baby girl will enjoy for years to come!

Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks 550x341 Jasons Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks

From JasonThis is somewhat a big project for a small person that is now the love of our lives in our new family.  I decided to create a custom alphabet painting for our first baby girl Alena to hang in her room.  Since we didn’t want to know the gender of our baby until she was born I wanted to keep the colors neutral to work for either a boy or a girl but to keep it bright and fun.

Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks2 550x418 Jasons Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks

Since I love typography I wanted to showcase various type styles for each letter form along with some simple colorful shapes and patterns.  It was a labor of love for me, incorporating various sizes of wood canvases and various types of mediums from house paint to acrylic and paint pens.  In the end the overall piece measured up to 67″ wide to 32″ high, a big bold colorful piece for our beautiful little girl.

Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks4 550x418 Jasons Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks

Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks6 550x418 Jasons Modern Nursery Alphabet Blocks

Thanks Jason!

Photo Credits: Jason Gomez

Gallery Walls I’ve Met and Liked

Angie Hranowsky Lakeshore Drive living room2 Gallery Walls Ive Met and Liked

Picnik collage1 Gallery Walls Ive Met and Liked

25193019 hlvX30Ne c 550x366 Gallery Walls Ive Met and Liked

tumblr loszgllKiF1qhiwkzo1 1280 550x364 Gallery Walls Ive Met and Liked

My husband and I are close to buying our first home.  While he goes into a showing thinking of all the logistical aspects, I go in picturing where I’ll put built-in bookshelves, a nice gallery wall and my party supplies.  I’ve already told him that he doesn’t need to worry about the decorating one bit.  That’s the way it should be, right?

Here are some recent gallery walls I’ve come across and bookmarked for that fateful day we’re handed the keys.


Photo Credits: Angie Hranowsky, Design Sponge: Jo Metson, Lonny Magazine, Bolaget, Vogue: Minnie Mortimer

{today I love… bedroom makeovers}

My husband returns from his deployment exactly three weeks – I can’t wait to have him back home!  I’ve mentioned some of the house projects I’ve been trying to finish up before he comes home, and today I thought I’d do something a little different and share the inspiration for our bedroom!

Oh So Beautiful Paper Bedroom Moodboard 600 {today I love... bedroom makeovers}

Somehow the bedroom received the least amount of decorating attention after we moved into our apartment in early 2010, so my husband’s 6-month deployment seemed like the perfect time to take the entire room apart and put it back together, bit by bit.  So far I’ve painted, ordered the fabric for the curtains, and am in various stages of accumulating the right furniture for the space.  We already have two antique dressers and bamboo roman blinds in the room, so the overall look will be on the eclectic side, but I’m really happy with the way everything is coming together.

The headboard is a longer term project that won’t be finished before my husband comes home; eventually I’d love to DIY our own in a style similar to the Room and Board headboard above, but in the Hable Construction fabric that I’ve always loved.  Of course, my favorite part so far has been finally getting to hang some amazing artwork that I’ve been accumulating over the last few years.  It makes me so happy to see pretty things up on the wall!


{today I love…}

A few cool things from this week that I just had to share before we all go running off for the weekend!

Brainstorm American Atlas Poster West 300x255 {today I love...} Brainstorm American Atlas Poster Northeast 300x255 {today I love...}

Brainstorm American Atlas Poster Midwest 300x255 {today I love...} Brainstorm American Atlas Poster South 300x255 {today I love...}

Love, love, LOVE this American Atlas series from Brainstorm Print + Design.  I want the full set!

Our Forevers Go Together Print 500x500 {today I love...}

This print from Small Talk Studio just kills me – so sweet!

Floral Tea Towel Lisa Rupp 300x404 {today I love...} Floral Dishtowel Lisa Rupp 300x387 {today I love...}

Gorgeous dish/tea towels from Lisa Rupp

Wood Graduation Pennant 500x331 {today I love...}

Cool screen printed wood pennants (via Say Yes to Hoboken)

{images via their respective sources}

Leah Duncan + Satsuma Press

I’m loving this collaboration between artist Leah Duncan and letterpress studio Satsuma Press – lovely letterpress stationery and textiles featuring Leah’s delicate designs.  Just beautiful!

Satsuma Press Leah Duncan 500x335 Leah Duncan + Satsuma Press

Satsuma Press Leah Duncan2 500x335 Leah Duncan + Satsuma Press

Check out the full collaboration over at Leah’s shop and the Satsuma Press shop.

Photo Credits: Satsuma Press