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I’m Nole Garey, the founder and editor of Oh So Beautiful Paper. Launched in September 2008, Oh So Beautiful Paper® covers inspiration and design in everyday life with a focus on my favorite things: wedding invitations, paper goods, calligraphy, entertaining ideas, and delicious cocktails. Oh So Beautiful Paper is updated 10-15 times per week. You can also find me on FacebookTwitterInstagram, and Pinterest.

I previously worked in international diplomacy at the U.S. Department of State from 2003 – 2010 before leaving to pursue Oh So Beautiful Paper full time. I hold a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Central Florida and an M.A. in International Affairs from George Washington University, but I’ve been passionate about design and all things paper my entire life. I fell in love with the world of wedding invitations and stationery while planning my May 2008 Washington, DC wedding and started Oh So Beautiful Paper in large part to help connect other engaged couples with talented designers. I currently live in Washington DC’s Capitol Hill neighborhood with my husband, daughter, and several adorable cats.

Our Philosophy

At Oh So Beautiful Paper, we believe that stationery is part of a beautiful lifestyle. We live in the age of social media – of email, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media – all of which make it easier to communicate with lots of people at the same time, rather than enhancing communication with a single person. So while email is absolutely essential in our lives, it has also reduced the value of that particular form of communication.

Today, it’s a nice and rare treat when we come home to a handwritten letter or card. This means sending paper – taking the time to buy, write, and send a note – has enormous interpersonal value. Sending handwritten mail has become a signifier, a mark of the importance and value that the sender places on the relationship with the recipient, and it conveys that you’re a thoughtful, caring person with good taste.

And as a result, the stationery you choose to purchase and send represents something about you as a person. Our goal is to help you find paper products that represent your personality and lifestyle, whether you live in New York or Australia, while also helping to support local businesses, small businesses, and eco-friendly businesses. It might not seem so at first glance, but stationery supports all of these goals. We’re not focused on the mass market, but on stationery that is unique and different, just like you and me.

Contributing Editors

Kelly Lanza

Kelly loves all things pretty, crafty, and handmade.  When she isn’t blogging about day-of wedding stationery for Oh So Beautiful Paper, she can be found at Studio DIY – a blog dedicated entirely to handcrafted parties and celebrations.

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Julie Doan

Julie is a designer, letterer, and calligrapher based in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  Julie’s columns include Pretty Paper in the Office and monthly calligraphy spotlight features.

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Emily Blistein

Emily Blistein owns Clementine, a little shop in Middlebury, Vermont where she curates an ever-changing collection of goods to help feather your nest, delight your loved ones and swaddle your little ones. She is a letterpress admirer, typewriter enthusiast, recovering lawyer and lobbyist for women’s health, advocate for small businesses and cheerleader for things handmade. She lives with four boys (aged toddler to husband), is an ENFP (which explains why having a brick & mortar is heaven), and she really, really likes to laugh.

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Mandy Pellegrin

DIY Contributor

Mandy Pellegrin is a recovering Congressional staffer and former Washington bureaucrat adjusting to her new life in Nashville, TN.  She moonlights as a DIY blogger to escape the contentious world of policy and politics.   Her blog Fabric Paper Glue focuses on handsome crafts, delightful beverages, and other fun stuff.

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Bailey and Emma of Antiquaria

DIY Contributors

Bailey Amon (Calligrapher and Stylist) and Emma James (Illustrator and Print Designer) of Antiquaria have been collaborating since 2009. The two met in Austin, Texas when Emma hired Bailey to do the calligraphy for her wedding invitation. They instantly recognized how well their unique sense of style complimented each other and have been working together ever since.  Every two weeks Bailey and Emma share a DIY tutorial incorporating their beautiful rubber stamps.

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The design and layout of Oh So Beautiful Paper® was created by Nole with hand lettering and watercolor graphics by Liz Libre of Linda & Harriett and web development by Eli Van Zoeren. For those of you obsessed with pretty fonts like me, I have featured many of of the fonts used on Oh So Beautiful Paper in a weekly column here. If you have any questions or would like to say hello, please email me!

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