Rose Water Vanilla Coffee Recipe

If you love coffee as much as I do, I’ve got some fun news to share with you! Coffee-mate has three Sweet Throwback flavors – Toll House® Chocolate Chip Cookie, Caramel Macchiato and Classic Vanilla – that evoke delicious memories and emotions of the past. Today I’m sharing how I incorporate my favorite Sweet Throwback flavor, Classic Vanilla, into my daily routine – along with one of my favorite coffee recipes!

Rose Water Vanilla Coffee Recipe with Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Coffee is a pretty big part of my life. I start every morning with a nice big mug of coffee before I do anything else – even my toddler knows that mama needs her coffee first thing! I usually enjoy my first cup of coffee while my youngest daughter plays and crawls around before her morning nap. Each day is different for me depending on what’s on the agenda for that particular week. Today my morning plans include working on my to do list for the rest of the week, writing some thank you notes, and doing some business planning for OSBP. Coffee is absolutely in order!

Rose Water Vanilla Coffee Recipe with Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Rose Water Vanilla Coffee Recipe with Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer / Oh So Beautiful Paper

My dad is a coffee drinker, and since I’m pretty much a carbon copy of my dad it comes as no surprise that I inherited his love of coffee. So many of my childhood memories involve slow weekend mornings sitting on the couch with my dad listening to music or reading while he finished his morning coffee. My dad and I also made frequent after-dinner trips to our local ice cream parlor. My dad always ordered chocolate, and I always ordered vanilla. We’re both creatures of habit. The Coffee-Mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer takes me right back to those ice cream evenings with my dad!

Oh So Beautiful Paper SweetThrowback with Coffee-mate / Baby Nole & Dad

Me and my dad circa early 1982

Oh So Beautiful Paper SweetThrowback with Coffee-mate / Ice Cream Illustration by Nathalie Ouederni

Illustration by Nathalie Ouederni for Oh So Beautiful Paper

Now that I’m an adult and my tastes are a bit more sophisticated, I still love classic vanilla – but with a twist! Vanilla and rose water is one of my very favorite combinations, and it tastes amazing in coffee! Luckily it’s also a super easy recipe to create at home, so you can enjoy it on a daily basis. Win win!

Rose Water Vanilla Coffee Recipe with Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer / Oh So Beautiful Paper

To make your Rose Water Vanilla Coffee, start by brewing a cup or two of your favorite (unflavored) coffee. Then add a dash of rose water to the Coffee-Mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer – about 1/4 tsp of rose water per 2 ounces of flavored creamer. A little rose water goes a long way! Stir the rose water into the creamer then add the Rose Water Vanilla mixture to your coffee. Enjoy!

Rose Water Vanilla Coffee Recipe with Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Rose Water Vanilla Coffee Recipe with Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer / Oh So Beautiful Paper

Rose Water Vanilla Coffee Recipe with Coffee-mate Classic Vanilla flavored creamer / Oh So Beautiful Paper

All photos by Nole Garey for Oh So Beautiful Paper

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Inspired By: Chevron Stripes!

Chevron stripes aren’t exactly a new trend, but it’s easy to see why they’re so popular these days.  From weddings to interior design to stationery, chevron stripes are a wonderful and modern way to include a bit of pattern in a design.  Chevrons can have multiple personalities, from the subtle pattern of a letterpress blind impression to bold pops of color and contrast to a soft tone-on-tone effect.  I particularly love chevron stripes as envelope liners for wedding and party invitations – such a fun surprise when you open the envelope!

No. 1 Paper + Parcel wedding invitations; No 2. SweetBeaker calling cards; No. 3 Wit and Whistle notebook; No. 4 Maida Vale letterpress cards; No. 5 Wiley Valentine chevron + watercolor wedding invitations; No. 6 West Elm; No. 7 Sweet Estelle chevron stripe goodie bags; No. 8 Pistachio Press letterpress cards; No. 9 Chevron Twill Tape

I also love this linen tea towel from Erin Dollar – the white chevron stripe on the neutral linen is so subtle and beautiful!

{images via their respective sources}

*Pistachio Press and Wiley Valentine are two of my fab­u­lous spon­sors; for more on my edi­to­r­ial poli­cies please click here.

Modern Navy + White Graduation Announcements

We started last week off with moving announcements, and today we’re helping to start the new week with a modern graduation announcement from Karly at Sweet Beaker.  Karly worked with the family of a recent high school graduate to come up with a modern-meets-classic announcement design incorporating a modified crest and the high school colors of navy and white.  Fun!


From Karly: At the time I was doing research for the design of these announcements, the royal wedding was just around the corner and I came across an article about Kate Middleton’s new coat of arms — ahh!  Hold the presses!  Instant inspiration!  Several sketches later, a simple monogrammed crest emerged, which can also be applied to other stationery extensions (thank you notes!).


We opted for a split layout with pertinent event information on the left and a pattern on the right with matching envelope liner.  The versatile pattern is great all by itself, but also allows space for Jordan to attach a senior photo to the right of the announcement.  School colors, a little hint of silver, a crest, pattern and optional photo = success!  Such a fun project, through and through.


So cool – thanks Karly!

Photo Credits: Sweet Beaker

More Paper-Inspired Pairings

It’s been such a pleasure to blog here for the last five days.  A huge thanks to Nole for letting me take over her blog this last week. I hope it’s been a fun and relaxing break for her.  I thought I would leave you with much as I began, with a few more pairings inspired by some of my favourite items from the Oh So Beautiful Paper archives.  Have a great weekend!

1. Oilcloth fabric by Cath Kidston
2. Invitations by Mitchell & Dent, originally blogged here

1. Chevron pillow by Madeline Weinrib
2. Calling cards by Sweetbeaker, originally blogged here

1. Coral decoupage by John Derian
2. Invitations by Zenadia Design, originally blogged here

1. Butterfly cushion by Bev Hisey
2. Escort cards by Wren Handmade, originally blogged here

1. Tabletop linens by DwellStudio
2. Note cards by Satsuma Press, originally blogged here

1. Aurora fabric from Rapture & Wright
2. Wedding invitations by Postal Press, originally blogged here

“More Paper-inspired Pairings” is a guest post by Jane Flanagan of Ill Seen, Ill Said.

Chevron Stripe Calling Cards

I came across these adorable chevron stripe calling cards from Sweetbeaker last week, and I can’t stop thinking about them!  The playful stripes are just so sweet:



Karly also offers this fun banner design in a horizontal layout:


Cute, right?  Check out these and other designs right here!

{image credits: sweetbeaker}