Neon Acrylic Birthday Party Invitations

Um…. these neon acrylic birthday party invitations from Melissa of Atheneum Creative are SO much fun! And the best part? They were inspired by one of my favorites: Sour Patch Kids! Drawing from her candy inspiration, Melissa chose a bright neon pink acrylic to pack a punch with the overall design and feel of these invitations. So fun and sweet all the way through!

Neon Acrylic Birthday Party Invitations by Atheneum Creative

From Melissa: This was a fun one! James had a birthday coming up and his wife wanted to surprise him with a birthday party. She mentioned his love of Sour Patch Kids and before we knew it that was the inspiration for the party and the invitations. When you’re given Sour Patch Kids as inspiration for a birthday invitation, you simply can’t just print it on paper – it needs to be exciting and fun!

Neon Acrylic Birthday Party Invitations by Atheneum Creative

We presented some different design directions, but we all fell in love with this colored acrylic. The color we chose to work with is called Flamingo – I mean how fun is that? The one thing we love about this acrylic is the ability it has to change colors right in front you. Turn it one way and it looks orange, turn it another way and the acrylic turns pink. It also changes colors when placed on different surfaces. The draw to the acrylic was instant, but the fact that it changed colors only played to the sour patch kids even more with their tagline being, “first they’re sour, then they’re sweet.”

Neon Acrylic Birthday Party Invitations by Atheneum Creative

We wanted to add another layer of texture to the invitation by cutting his name out of the acrylic. We loved the way it was all packaged up with the filler paper showing through behind the acrylic invitations. The idea of seeing something different played well with the Sour Patch Kids theme. I loved the presentation as a whole, especially how his name stood out so boldly!

Neon Acrylic Birthday Party Invitations by Atheneum Creative

We mailed the invitation in a self-mailing white box with a wrap around label and white paper filler. This also highlighted the pink color when you opened the invitation and experienced the color changing acrylic as you took out the invitation. We loved the overall feel we created from such a fun piece of inspiration!

Neon Acrylic Birthday Party Invitations by Atheneum Creative

Thanks Melissa!

Design: Atheneum Creative

Atheneum Creative is a member of the Designer Rolodex – you can see more of their beautiful work right here or visit the real invi­ta­tions gallery for more wedding invitation ideas!

Photo Credits: Chelsea Davis Photography

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