Playful Floral Pinwheel Wedding Invitations

I’m a huge fan of interactive wedding invitations, and these playful floral pinwheel wedding invitations from Clara of Goldie Design Co. are SO much fun! With a hand painted floral motif, funky hand lettering, and blush pink color palette, what’s not to love? The die cut window rotated through different sections, sharing all the pertinent details in a unique and spirited way. So cute!

Playful Floral Pinwheel Wedding Invitations by Goldie Design Co.

From Clara: This wedding invitation was designed for a client that is having a spunky, outdoor, food-truck and dancing celebration! When she came to me to design her wedding invitations, the first thing she said is that she didn’t want it to be like a typical wedding invitation suite! She loved the idea of having an interactive wedding invitation that would get the guests really excited for this fun event, while still being beautiful and classy! I loved how this wedding wheel portrayed the fun and spirited nature of the couple, and was totally unique to them.

Playful Floral Pinwheel Wedding Invitations by Goldie Design Co.

By incorporating a hand-painted watercolor floral look in the background of the wheel, although quite spunky in nature, the invitation still looks classy, traditional, and beautiful! The wheel itself features hand lettered text inviting guests to come celebrate the marriage of the bride and groom. The circular wheel portion of the invitation was custom die cut to have a window that could be rotated around to show all of the details about the wedding that the guests would typically find on an information or accommodations card in a wedding suite.

Playful Floral Pinwheel Wedding Invitations by Goldie Design Co.

The die cut wheel was then assembled onto the watercolor backer card by a small gold brad that held the two pieces together, but allowed the wheel to still turn easily. I loved how this invitation was to the point and easy to understand, but was still so personal and unique to the bride and groom.

Playful Floral Pinwheel Wedding Invitations by Goldie Design Co.

This project shows couples that you don’t always have to follow the rule book when it comes to planning your wedding! If you have an idea that’s outside of the box and not spelled out in the wedding etiquette books, go for it! This is your special day, do it just how you want and have fun with it!

Playful Floral Pinwheel Wedding Invitations by Goldie Design Co.

Thanks Clara!

Design and Calligraphy: Goldie Design Co.

Printing/Custom Die Cut Printing: Jupiter and Juno

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Photo Credits: Goldie Design Co.

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