Modern Calligraphy Summit Winter Session!

Exciting news! Enrollment for a special session of the Modern Calligraphy Summit 1.0 is now open! I talked a lot about the Modern Calligraphy Summit last year – you can read all about it here – but basically it’s the opportunity to learn the art of calligraphy from nine amazing calligraphers from the comfort of your home! It’s such an amazing value, and you’ll learn so much from some amazingly talented calligraphers. You can sign up for the special session right here!

Wildfield Paper Co. / Modern Calligraphy Summit Holiday Session

The new session of the Modern Calligraphy Summit 1.0 will run January 3 – 13 with a special NEW live Q&A with some of the instructors on January 14, 2017 – just before the Modern Calligraphy Summit 2.0 launches in February! If you’re looking for a fantastic holiday gift for an aspiring calligrapher, now is your chance! Treat yourself, or your calligraphy-obsessed bestie, or send a hint to your Santa that this is what you want under the tree. Enrollment closes at 11:59 p.m. on Friday, December 9 and won’t reopen again until after the new session in mid-January, so hurry!

Wildfield Paper Co. / Modern Calligraphy Summit Holiday Session

And if all of that wasn’t enough, the Modern Calligraphy Summit is currently offering a free video series that will help you create unique hand lettered holiday correspondence. Videos include tutorials on creating hand lettered holiday cards, mixing gold ink, and drawing holiday wreaths. The videos are available right now, and if there’s ever a time to improve your hand lettering skills the holidays are certainly it! You can sign up for the free video series right here, and the special new session of the Modern Calligraphy Summit 1.0 right here!

Photo Credits: Annie Mertlich of Wildfield Paper Co. for the Modern Calligraphy Summit

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