Envelope Inspiration: Calligraphy and Vintage Stamps

If you’re reading this blog, then hopefully you’re like me and LOVE a pretty envelope. Dress an envelope up with some beautiful calligraphy (or a well designed mailing label) and some colorful postage stamps and I’m a very happy lady. So I was thrilled when calligrapher Korie Lynn of The Weekend Type sent over some beautiful envelope inspiration from her collaboration with florist Jody Strom of The Moss & Rose and event planner Natalie Dawley of To Be Wed! Let’s get straight to the envelope eye candy…


From Korie: Vintage stamps are the perfect way to continue the overall theme and color palette in an invitation suite. Using multigenerational postage allows you to create a storyline and always makes the envelope more interesting. Each vignette tells a color story: the backdrop, the floral combinations, the envelope, ink choices, calligraphy style, and the stamps. From Americana to English countryside to Garden glamour, Jody accented each envelope with flowers and foliage grown and selected from her personal garden.













Thanks so much ladies!

Calligraphy: The Weekend Type

Floral Styling: The Moss & Rose

Styling: Two Be Wed

Photo Credits: Korie Lynn Photography

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely feature, Nole! I’m so so happy we get to grace the pages of your blog! You completely made my week! 😀

  2. Wow, I am dying over every one of these images. So beautiful! The calligraphy, the styling, flowers, and photographs – wow! These are just fabulous examples of how much of an impact a handwritten letter can have on someone.
    xo Nan
    Simply Elegant Blog

    • Hi Miranda! Vintage postage can easily be found online via Ebay and Etsy – there are several Etsy sellers (like Verde Studio) that specialize in finding vintage postage (for a small fee) that will suit a particular event or color palette. Underwood Letterpress also provides this service. You can also often find vintage postage locally through philatelic societies, flea markets, antique stores, estate sales, etc. Happy hunting!

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