Hello, hello! Today, I thought I’d show you around the 9th Letter Press studio! We moved into our space about a year ago and have spent quite a bit of time getting it to look exactly like what was in my head. I have something of a very nostalgic nature so of course I wanted to decorate the studio to look like a turn of the century cafe. I’d like to think Edith Wharton could come in and feel right at home (nerd alert: I majored in English). Think old New York style during Prohibition meets the industrial revolution. In order to pull off that aesthetic, I used lots of dark wood (in my favorite stain: WALNUT), a variety of vintage furniture and pipes. –Isabel of 9th Letter Press

HansenB130403 0626 9TH LETTER PRESS: Studio Tour

Meet our 119 year old printing press, St. Peter. He can be quite cantankerous but works so hard I inevitably forgive him at the end of each day.

HansenB130403 0674 9TH LETTER PRESS: Studio Tour

We keep our  in house inks in mason jars which sure look cute but sure make a giant mess when accidentally dropped. Just ask me, I’ve dropped my fair share.

HansenB130403 0677 9TH LETTER PRESS: Studio Tour

HansenB130403 0695 9TH LETTER PRESS: Studio Tour

When it came to finding furniture for the studio, I enlisted lots of friends to keep a lookout for anything cute that might fit. Our register was just one of those finds which we bought for the grand total of $30! We gutted out the drawers and made shelving to accommodate our shopping bags and the like.

HansenB130403 0707 9TH LETTER PRESS: Studio Tour

Photo Credits: Betsy Hansen

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