Seasonal Stationery: Graduation

Summer is upon us, which means the school year is over! I remember looking forward to each level of graduation as a kid: elementary school, middle school, and of course high school and college. If you’re on the hunt for a card to congratulate a recent graduate of any age, I’ve rounded up a bunch of options for you! You can check out the full round up right here, along with a few special favorites below:

The Best Graduation Cards via Oh So Beautiful Paper

1. 9th Letter Press; 2. Sugar Paper; 3. Anemone Letterpress; 4. Snow & Graham; 5. Ink Meets Paper; 6. Sideshow Press

The Best Graduation Cards via Oh So Beautiful Paper

7. Rocket Ink; 8. Wild Ink Press; 9. Rifle Paper Co.; 10. McBitterson’s; 11. Smock; 12. 55 Hi’s

Many many more right here!

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