Pretty Paper in the Office: Pens & Pencils

When it comes to making lists, writing notes, and sketching out ideas, I’m still a sucker for putting pen to paper. I have a dozen apps for these things but I usually end up forgetting about them and reverting to a notebook. Can you blame me? Writing instruments are some of my favourite things. And there are so many kinds out there! I decided to round up a stylish selection for those of you with the same predilection for pens and pencils as I do. – Julie

Pretty Paper in the Office Pens & Pencils round up

No. 1 Antica Cartotecnica assorted vintage pencils from Dry Goods NY; No. 2 Delfonics pens and pencils from Alder & Co.; No. 3 Midori brass bullet pencil holder and pens from JetPens; No. 4 Lamy fountain pens from russell+hazel; No. 5 Patterned pens from Present&Correct; No. 6 Worther woody mechanical pencils from Canoe

{images via their respective sources}

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