DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

Vintage botanical artwork is one of those things that truly never goes out of style. The lifelike renderings of plants and flowers take a very skilled hand to create and happily bring the outdoors into an indoor space (without the upkeep of real plants!). With the outdoor wedding season approaching, we were inspired to create this lush and lovely suite that is like sending a beautiful garden through the mail! – Bailey and Emma of Antiquaria

fern final 550x387 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

This fern invitation suite is a wonderful compliment to our Botanical + Watercolor Save the Date Tutorial!

fern final3 550x368 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

fernfinal2 550x368 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

FERN 2 550x381 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

Step One: Lay an A7 (5″ x 7″) card down on a firm surface. Ink your stamp (we used our Fern Forrest Invitation Stamp) thoroughly and center it over your card. Once it is positioned correctly, press down to make a print. use both hands to ensure even pressure. Lift off and let the print dry. For more information on this process go here.

fern 3 550x360 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

Step Two: Repeat the same process from step 1 for your reply card (we used our Fern Forrest Reply Card stamp) on an A2 (4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″) card.

fern 4 550x399 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

Step Three: To incorporate more botanical elements to the suite, we used our fern A2 envelope template as our reply envelope. Simply cut the pattern on the lines, fold in the sides and glue the bottom to the side flaps to create your own envelopes! Stamp your address (we used our Floral Calligraphy Return Address Stamp) on the front so that guests can easily return the reply card to you.

fern 5 550x393 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

Step Four: Adding an envelope liner adds a bit of luxury to your invitation suite. It’s also really easy to do yourself! Simply trace the shape (using a liner template) onto your paper and cut along the line. Use stick glue or double sided tape to affix the paper into your envelope.

fern 6 550x395 DIY Tutorial: Vintage Fern Wedding Invitations

Step Five: Lastly, you’ll want to stamp your return address onto your A7 outer envelope. We used the same stamp as the reply address (our Floral Calligraphy Return Address stamp) but used a different color ink for this piece. In order to change ink colors, you’ll want to clean your stamp. To do so only requires making a paper towel damp and wiping off the acetate stamp image. Never use anything other than water to clean the stamp as it can damage your print image. You also never want to submerge your stamp in water as it could dislodge from the mount.

Address those bad boys, add postage, and send them off to delight your guests! You can also tie the suite together with a nice ribbon if you like!


Fern Forrest Invitation Stamp

Fern Forrest Reply Card Stamp

Floral Calligraphy Return Address Stamp

Stamp Pad in Chestnut and Moss

A7 cards in Luxe White

A7 envelopes in Sage

A2 cards in Luxe White

A2 DIY fern envelopes: available soon from Antiquaria

Liner paper – available soon from Antiquaria

Envelope liner template:


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Photo Credits: Antiquaria

  1. I love this idea! Can you provide the link or any info on locating the fern or other patterned paper with a box for the address? Thanks!!

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