Seasonal Stationery: Valentine’s Day Cards, Part 2

I’m not entirely sure if it’s the cute flirty messages, the sweet statements of love, or the beautiful designs (or maybe all three), but Valentine’s Day cards are making me so very happy this year! I can’t help but smile each time I look through the Valentine’s Day round up! And since I can’t help it, here are a few more of my favorites to hopefully bring a smile to your face, too.

2013 Valentines Day Cards Part3 Seasonal Stationery: Valentines Day Cards, Part 2

1. Pistachio Press; 2. 9th Letter Press; 3. Egg Press; 4. Yellow Owl Workshop; 5. Missive; 6. Sugar Paper

2013 Valentines Day Cards Part4 Seasonal Stationery: Valentines Day Cards, Part 2

6. Hammerpress; 7. Printerette Press; 8. Emily McDowell Illustration; 9. Banquet Atelier & Workshop; 10. Parrott Design Studio; 11. Hello Small World

Check out the full Valentine’s Day and love card round up right here!

{images via their respective sources}