Embroidered Business Cards and Artwork by Nina Gregier

These embroidered business cards from designer and illustrator Nina Gregier are so incredibly cool – simple in design, but with a huge impact!  I couldn’t resist checking out Nina’s website; she has a number of additional embroidered typography projects in her portfolio, including a beautiful embroidered alphabet and art prints.

Check out lots more over on Nina’s website right here.

Photo Credits: Nina Gregier, found via Lovely Stationery

  1. This is so creative and inspiring. I think I’ll spend my day sewing on paper now! Thanks for sharing <3


  2. I’m in love with this! Makes me wish I had some sewing skills…


  3. Wow! I wonder if she gets the cards lasercut with the holes, or hand-punches them with something like a japanese paper drill? In any case, they look like a lot of work, but also something nice to stitch when you have some free time and are watching your favorite show – what an impact they’d make too – they’d never get thrown away.


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